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Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is an excerpt from my verse-by-verse exposition of the book of John which I am presently presenting to the members of our church. This article contains the actual information which I presented when I reached John 12:31.

John 12:23-50 basically presents the last public discourse which the Lord Jesus presented after His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the donkey. In His discourse, the Lord spoke to the multitude of Jews who had come to Jerusalem to observe the Feast of the Passover. In verse 31, the Lord stated "Now judgment is upon this world; now the ruler of this world shall be cat out." What the Lord basically meant by those words was that God's judgment would fall upon the Jews and the world for crucifying the Christ. But by His crucifixion, atonement for the sins of His people would be accomplished, and the power which Satan had over them would be broken. But our focus is on those words "…the ruler of this world…" In those words, the Lord had specific reference to Satan.

We look at the nations of the world and think that the officials and people in them are the ones who ultimately are ruling their governments. We look at the purposes and actions of international organizations and think they are the ones ultimately responsible for some changes which take place among the nations. We look at the nations - their interactions with one another and the power and influence they have on one another, whether as allies or through war, and we tend to think that such power and influence ultimately comes from the nations themselves. But those are mistakes. There is an evil being, namely Satan, behind the actions of every nation. It should be clearly understood that God originally created mankind perfectly righteous in God's kingdom, and made him subject to God. But when man fell from the righteous state in which God created him, man then became a subject of Satan, and Satan began to rule the earth (Luke 4:6; 1 John 5:19).

Satan is the prince or ruler of all the fallen angels or demons (Matthew 12:24). He's also the ruler (John 12:31;14:30; 16:11; Ephesians 2:2; 6:12;1John 5:19) and god of the whole world (2 Corinthians 4:4) See also (Deuteronomy 32:17;Psalms 106:37;1 Corinthians 10:20;Revelation 9:20). This means that he rules all193 nations of the world and their rulers (Luke 4:5-8; John 17:15). No nation is exempted. As a result, he rules all skins, tribes and societies of people. Please carefully note in the Bible that Daniel chapter 10, particularly verses13 and 20 informs us that one of Satan's demons ruled ancient Persia and another ancient and classical Greece. Since Satan rules the entire world, Persia and Greece were not the only nations that were ruled by demons. Satan has assigned different demons to be the princes or rulers of every nation on earth. He also has assigned different demons to rule over every society, skin, tribe or ethnic groups of people on earth. Therefore all the different kingdoms, governments or governmental systems and political philosophies which exist among mankind were brought into existence by Satan and his demons, except for the government which God originally established over all mankind when He first created man and that system which He reiterated when He created the nation of Israel of old. As additional and overwhelming proof of this fact, notice that not one system of government that has existed on earth was suitable for the Lord Jesus Christ to be born under except the one which God created when He created the nation of Israel of old. This is because earth is satan's kingdom, and all other systems were and are designed by satan and His demons to rule all of his depraved subjects. Christ could not have been born under any of the manmade and demonic systems. He could only have been born under a perfectly righteous system that was created by God. However, modern Israel is ruled by Satan.

In Revelation 12:9, we are informed that Satan deceives the whole world, or all the nations of the world, or all skins, tribes and societies of people. That is, He deceives the four corners of the earth (Revelation 13:14; 20:3, 8, 10). The primary way that Satan rules is through the law of sin which permeates the souls and bodies of all his subjects. But his secondary means are through all the various manmade and demonic philosophies, religions, political philosophies, charters, laws and values which exist in the world. All these have been inspired by the Satan's law of sin at work in his subjects and by Satan and the demons. It is through these that Satan rules and has deceived the entire world (Matthew 15:9; Colossian 2:22; 1Timothy 4:1; Hebews 19:9). Thus it is through sin, error, deception and demon-possession that Satan rules the world, and it is through these that there are many ways to worship Satan (1John 4:1). Hence the reason for the existence of democracy among mankind. Democracy exists to ensure the freedom of expression of all the sin, error, deception and demon-possession of satan's kingdom.

I would point out, and as you already know, that ancient Persia is now modern Iran. And Western political philosophy and culture have their origins in ancient Classical Greek times and society. It appears that the same demon who ruled ancient Persia now rules Iran, and the same one who ruled ancient and classical Greece and the Roman Empire now rules America. Whether they are the same or not, demons continue to rule every nation on earth in modern times, for satan continues to rule over the earth and will continue until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. One important thing which the saint should pay particular attention to is the fact that democracy had its earthly origin in Greece. Therefore western culture, values and its political philosophies and systems of government received their origins under a system of government that was established and ruled by Satan.

Satan is thoroughly evil. Therefore his kingdom, the law of his kingdom and all of his subjects are totally evil. There's not a righteous one among the demons, nor is there a righteous one among his human subjects. All are totally void of any true righteousness. Who could rightly claim to have the least spark of righteousness in himself while he is a subject of Satan? Since Satan's law is evil, and since his subjects obey his law in everything they do, then all their thoughts words and deeds are evil. This means that its is impossible for Satan's subjects to perform the least deed of righteousness. Therefore all that they do that appear to be righteous only appears to be so. The very fact that their evil appears as righteousness, or that which appear righteous among them is unrighteousness, is itself evil, for it is deception. Since the subjects of Satan are incapable of performing God's righteousness, that means that they violate God's law in everything they do. They are in violation at all times. They are career or habitual criminals of the kingdom of God.

Since the subjects of Satan perfectly obey Satan's law at all times, and all their thoughts words and deeds which appear righteous and good are performed in accord to Satan's law, their deeds are meant to glorify Satan and further his causes on earth. Their hatred of one another, disputes, disagreements, fights and wars are obviously the result of them obeying Satan's law. Their disputes, fights and wars appear as if the devil's kingdom has been and is divided against itself. But that is just deceptive appearance. The truth is, Satan's kingdom is not divided against itself (Mark 3:23-26). Satan is not interested in destroying any of the basic evils which exist in His kingdom. Although wars have deceptively appeared to soldiers and blind patriots to have been for just causes, even though the've brought about the foolish sacrifices and deaths of many people, not one war which has taken place among mankind (except those which God had Israel of old to fight and those which God has prompted) has ever been fought for the true destruction of evil. The subjects of Satan through their obedience to Satan's law of sin are not capable of fighting for the destruction of evil, and thus Satan's kingdom is no divided against itself by the disputes and wars of his subjects. Therefore all wars which have been fought by them were prompted by Satan, his demons, and his subject's obedience to Satan's law and the demon-possession of his subjects in order to make changes in his kingdom which further advances his evil causes on earth. Satan always accomplishes his interests solely through evil means; never through righteous means. The fights, murders and wars among mankind are just some of the means by which Satan advances His causes.

As an example: notice that no type of evil or sin was destroyed and the world was not made any better by the war which the British colonies fought against Britain, which resulted in the creation of the United States. But since America was created, it, as well as the entire world has gotten exponentially worse.

When we apply that principle to what is called "churches" among Satan's subjects, we see that they are rightly called synagogues of Satan. For they all conduct themselves in accord to Satan's law of sin and teach various gospels which are not of God but of the devil's kingdom. Therefore none of the churches are truly fighting against the evils of Satan's kingdom, but are only helping greatly to further His causes. The same is true of so-called community efforts to stop crime, violence and murder lead by certain so-called ministers, community leaders and groups. While these remain subjects of Satan, they cannot truly fight against the evils of Satan's kingdom, and can only help further his causes. While we see that there are countless so-called churches in the world, none of them are really in a position to fight against the evils of Satan's kingdom because they are all subjects of Satan, and Satan's kingdom is not divided against itself. Also this principle should be applied to government. We have already examined the fact that there has never been in the history of mankind a war fought for the true destruction of evil by nations that are ruled by Satan. The same is true of the laws of each nation which are meant to govern the action of their governments and their citizenry. Nations ruled by Satan do not have righteous and just laws except certain vestiges of God's laws and therefore there is not a nation on earth which can rightly fight against the crimes and corruptions which exists within it.

The fact that all the nations of the world were created by Satan should enable God's people to see that they should not be patriots of any of the nations on earth, including the ones in which they were born and are legal citizens. The only nation that has ever existed on earth that was worthy of being patriotic to was the nation of Israel of old, and the only one that now exists on earth is the spiritual kingdom of God. Also the fact that all the philosophies of the world were inspired by the law of sin or the demons should enable the saint to perceive that he should not embrace any of them. God's true teachings, which are from heaven, are the only ones worthy to be embraced and lived by. The fact that Satan's kingdom is not divided against itself should enable the saint to clearly perceive that one who is a subject of Satan cannot truly fight against the evils of society or the world, and therefore, all such people, organizations or governments who make such a claim are liars. This should enable the saint to clearly see that he should not join in the fruitless efforts of unregenerates and the foolish ministries of false churches. It should also enable the saint to see that he should not join the militaries of any of the nations or governments of the world. For if he should do so, he will find that he is helping the subjects of Satan further Satan's causes on earth. The fact that Satan's kingdom is not divided against itself should enable us to clearly perceive that no person who is a subject of Satan can cast out demons from people who are demon possessed. Therefore those who claim to have the power to do so are liars. All efforts to do so are fruitless. We see this foolish and fruitless effort in the medical field which does not even admit or know it is demons who cause epilepsy, causes people to be deaf and dumb and etc. Not even God's people have the power to cast out demons unless God gives them such powers. But today God does not give any of them such powers. That was reserved for His apostles and about seventy others.

Therefore anyone who can truly stand against Satan's kingdom and fight a true fight against its evil is one who has become a true enemy of it by God having delivered him out of it and made a true subject of the kingdom of God.

September 27, 2011

As noted above, when the Lord Jesus Christ used the words "the ruler of this world" in John 12:31, He had reference to Satan. His words inform us that Satan is the actual one who rules the nations of the world. But the Lord also made a second reference to Satan as the ruler of the world in John 14:30. The following paragrah contains further notes from my exposition of John which I am presently presenting to the members of our Church.

"...the ruler of the world is coming,.." Since Satan is ruler of the world, then the governments and the people of the world are Satan's subjects and they are opposed to the Lord Jesus Christ. Earlier, at the Lord's supper, Satan had atually entered and possessed Judas who was now preparing to lead the Roman cohort -- a battalion of 600 men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees to the place where Christ was in order to arrest and put Christ to death. We are taught here that Satan ruled over the Roman rulers, the Roman Empire and the Jewish leaders of Israel of old and caused them to be in opposition to God and the Christ. But it should be carefully noted that modern western culture and values are basically the same as those of ancient Rome. In fact, Western culture basically is the Roman Empire revived. The demon who ruled over ancient Rome rules over Western culture today. Thus we can be sure that America is ruled by Satan and is an enemy to God and His Christ. And modern day Jews also are ruled by Satan and is an enemy to Christ, for it is allied with the United states or western culture. All of the people who work in law enforcement are against Christ also. For just as 600 of the Roman cohort came with Judas to arrest Christ, modern law enforcement will also carry out America's, Western culture's and the Jewish's murderous will against Christ's people who exist in the world in modern times. They are just as much against Christ today in modern times as they were when they put Christ to death.


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