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The TEN COMMANDMENTS are the most extraordinary principles in the universe! That is not an opinion but a solid fact. One reason they are so is that they were not authored by any creature. No human nor angel can rightly claim authorship thereof.

Since the TEN COMMANDMENTS did not originate from any creature and could not have come into being on their own, there is only one other source from whom they could have and did originate. That source is the almighty GOD - the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

The TEN COMMANDMENTS therefore had a divine origin. Each one of them serve as an indisputable witness to the existence of the almighty GOD. That is a most awesome fact which should be duly noted throughout the lifetime of every human being.

For those who call themselves "atheists" and "agnostics" - who think that what we have stated is foolishness, please seriously consider the following indisputable evidence that prove that GOD MOST HIGH is the Author of the TEN COMMANDMENTS:

  1. THEY ARE EVERLASTING LAWS: No creature has the wisdom or power to create anything that endures forever. That fact is quite clear from everything man fashions. All of it fades away eventually. Man could not have made that which is eternal while he can't even keep his own body from dying and decaying. He who is mortal cannot create that which is immortal. An eternal law has to have an eternal author.
  2. Since the TEN COMMANDMENTS are eternal, THEY ARE IMMUTABLE: All laws made by the creature are subject to change and destruction even while their authors live or die. Even the most wrongly venerated human charter on earth - the American Constitution - has been changed and amended.
  3. THEY ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE: The eternal nature of the TEN COMMANDMENTS is also seen in the fact that for over 6,000 years, they have endured the fiercest attacks and endeavors by their enemies to destroy them, even in the absence of effort of anyone to protect them. They survive in their original form, unpolluted and unchanged with the most of satanic and human power arrayed against them. No creature would make an eternal law that he hates even if he had the power to make such a law.
  4. THEY ARE UNIVERSAL IN AUTHORITY: The universal authority of the TEN COMMANDMENTS over all mankind proves they are from God. No creatures either singly or collectively have the power to impose laws upon every single member of mankind and make every member of mankind legal and rightful subjects with the unquestionable responsibility to perfectly obey them. Whenever and wherever the creature has made laws, the laws' authority has always been limited.
  5. THEY ARE PERFECT IN AUTHORITY: The universal authority of the TEN COMMANDMENTS over every thought, word and deed any human can perform demonstrates that God is their author. No angel nor human has the capability to impose a law over every deed that creatures can perform. Only God can legislate the thoughts, emotions, sentiments, likes and dislikes of every rational creature. No human has the ability to tell what's in a person's heart. Further, no creature can maintain an accurate record of every infraction or obedience to a law performed either in the heart or outwardly. It takes the almighty God to perfectly know and keep an accurate record of the deeds every human has performed; hold every human accountable; and judge them rightly and fairly in the end.
  6. THEY ARE UNIVERSAL IN CONDEMNATION: God's own sentence of death and eternal punishment upon every member of mankind for disobedience to His Law in the first man Adam is proof that God is the author of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Had any human been the author, he would not have devised a law that condemned himself to death and eternal punishment in the lake of fire. No one has ever or will ever escape God's sentence of death. Had the creature made the TEN COMMANDMENTS, the sentence of the law could not be assured to fall upon every person of mankind. We already see foolish man endeavoring to nullify the death sentence. Whenever and wherever man has made laws, there has been partiality in sentencing, bribery, loopholes and other means of escape. But such is not possible with God's Law.
  7. THE ETERNALITY OF THEIR PENALTY AND REWARD PROVE THAT THEY ARE OF DIVINE ORIGIN: Both the penalty for disobeying them and the reward for perfectly obeying them are Eternal in nature. No man made law could impose eternal penalties and rewards for violating or obeying them .
  8. THE NATURE OF THEIR PENALTY SHOW THAT THEY AR OF DIVINE ORIGIN: The penalty is like none that a human could impose. The penalty is threefold: spiritual death (the death of the soul, but not annihilation of the soul), physical death and eternal death (meaning the second death, namely, the person spending eternity future in the lake of fire).
  9. TH REWARD FOR OBEYING THEM IS LIKE NONE A HUMAN COULD IMPOSE, which is ETERNAL LIFE in three senses. That is, a resurrected soul from spiritul death to spiritual life. A new and glorified body that no longer has the law of sin in it and will not undergo decay and eternal bliss in the holy kingdom and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ forever.


Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee