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THE WORSE CRIME EVER COMMITTED ===============================================================
It has been stated, "Of all the dark hours of human history when the monstrosity of evil has raised its vicious head, none have been so far reaching nor sinister as the evil of the Holocaust and the insatiable appetite of the Nazi regime."

However, that statement is utterly false; anyone who believes such has to be quite ignorant of the Holy Scriptures, or quite insensitive to the worse that is recorded therein about what has taken place in human history.

There are a number of events in human history that are far more reaching and darker than the Holocaust. The first was the fall of all mankind in Adam, which set the stage for the Holocaust and all other atrocities.

A second was the day the "Jews" of old convinced the "Gentiles" to crucify the Lord Jesus - the true Messiah. On that day, God caused darkness to literally fall upon the entire land as a symbol of one of the hours of deepest darkness (Matt. 27:45). The "Jews' " crucifixion of the true Messiah far, far exceeds in depravity anything the Nazi and Nazi mentality has ever done, simply because they murdered the true Son of God - the true Messiah.

Not only did the "Jews" of old murder God's Son, but they meted out sinister and vicious treatment upon and killed the prophets of God and many of the true followers of Christ. This ill-treatment of God's true people by heathen "Jews" also far exceeds in depravity anything the Nazi or the "racist" has done to heathen "Jews".

Almost the entire number of "Jews" rejected the Christ, whose total number far exceeds six-million or so professing "Jews" killed in the Holocaust. All the "Jews" who died rejecting God's Son went to Sheol or Hell; and to be sent to Hell for rejecting the true Messiah far exceeds being physically tortured or murdered by a Nazi mentality, because the Lake of Fire is eternal.

What today's so-called "Jews" have not realized is: to be persecuted because they label themselves as "Jews" while rejecting the true Messiah has no eternal benefits whatsoever. It would be better for them to deny their label of "Jews" to prevent unnecessary ill-treatment in the world. But there is great eternal reward for those who are ill-treated or murdered as a result of savingly believing in and following Jesus Christ (Matt. 5:I0-I2). Such people are the TRUE JEWS.

Ninety-nine and three-quarters percent or more of the professing "Jews" who have been ill-treated or murdered did not and are not receiving such treatment as a result of being true believers in God nor true followers of Christ. Most professing "Jews" have always been just as heathenistic or more than any German, Russian, Arab, African, white racist and etc., and therefore they have always hotly rejected both God and His Son as they do today. "Judaism" as it is known today has been no better than "Fascism". It is none other than a man-made system of religion that rejects God and His Son as do all other heathen religions!

What if the professing "Jews" who reject the true Messiah find out one day that Christ forgave all of Hitlers' sins and saved his soul, while the vast majority of so-called "people of God" or "Abraham's descendants" who label themselves "Jews" - even those killed in the Holocaust, never truly got God's forgiveness, and thus, it be found that they are in Hell also suffering the wrath of God!

NOTE: These facts should in no way be regarded as condoning the Holocaust or any of the atrocities that have befallen people who label themselves "Jews".


Questions for Jews

1. It has been stated that Hitler put to death about 38 million people. Since the Jews who were put to death comprised only about one-fifth of that number (approximately 6 million), why is the Holocaust called a "Jewish Holocaust"?

2. Why are the Jews who perceive the Holocaust as the greatest injustice in history and who continue to actively seek world condemnation, punishment and death for people who participated in the Holocaust absolutely refuse to cry out against the United States for the legalization of the murder of innocent human embryos and fetuses being slaughtered through abortion? The deaths the Nazi Regime caused have ceased, while America continues to murder over a million human embryos and fetuses a year. America also is the foremost nation seeking to cause other nations to embrace abortion.

Why do the Jews see Hitler as the greater monster when the Nazi regime did what it did in time of war, while America's murders exceed the Nazi in numbers and heinousness in time of peace?

All of the murdered persons in their embryonic and fetus stages are far more innocent than any one of the adult Jews who were put to death by Hitler. In fact, many of those Jews were high criminals. Why do the Jews not vent any anger towards and seek the punishment or death of legislators, leaders, the people who are members of abortion special interest groups and etc. who have been instrumental in having abortion legalized? Why do they not seek the punishment of abortion doctors and other who have and are participating in a Holocaust more heinous than that which took place by the hands of the Germans?

And why is there not a single Jew who has created an anti-abortion organization or is not a member of such an organization? Is it because many who are slaughtering the innocent people who are in their most helpless and vulnerable stages in which humans can be are Jews ?

3. When non "Jews" speak against "Jews", it is almost always interpreted as Anti-Semitism. The question therefore is: When Jews speak against "Jews" as the apostle Paul spoke against the Jews in the Bible, what is that called?

4. God spoke to Abraham and said, "No longer shall your name be called Abram (exalted father), but your name shall be Abraham (father of a multitude); for I will make you the father of a multitude of nations" (Genesis 17:5). What did God mean when He said, "...I will make you the father of a multitude of nations"?

5. If the Jews are God's favorite people, why are the vast majority of Jews in hell who have died? If they are god's favorite people and ninety-nine percent of all who have died are in hell, doesn't that indicate that satan was the god that favored them?




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