What the heathen Statue of Liberty really means

Freedom to seek asylum in America from the rightful stigmatization of true criminality in other nations

Freedom to practice homosexuality or lesbianism

Freedom to murder innocent human embryos and fetuses

Freedom to publicly blaspheme God

Freedom to worship satan (Note: we do not capitalize the word satan even when it begins a sentence).

Freedom to practice obstetrics and gynecology as a male physician

Freedom to make and sell pornography

Freedom from the death penalty for death-worthy crimes

Freedom to abandon children to daycare and public schools while seeking the fleeting American dream.

Freedom to make a living off foolish, vain and immoral employment.

Freedom to abandon parents to nursing homes.

Freedom to wrongly serve in government as homosexuals, lesbians and other high criminals.

Freedom for women to foolishly seek to be equal with men.

Freedom to foolishly petition the government for immoral interests.

Freedom to receive food stamps, veteran benefits and other federal financial benefits while a criminal or muderer in prison.

Freedom to elect moral criminals such as homosexuals, lebians, murderers, robbers and other criminals to government positions.

Freedom to make heroes and celebrities out of deathworthy criminals.

Freedom to sell and purchase crime tools and art of muderers.

Freedom to produce and make megabucks off violent and murderous video games, toys, movies and music in order to teach children how to become violent and murderers.



More to come




Copyright © 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee