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Before reading this article, it is best that you read my article on government.

God has presented to mankind the basis upon which those who would serve in public trust should be chosen. They must be men and not women who fear the true God (Genesis 42:18; 2 Samuel 23:3). They should not be converts, believers or patriots to any manmade or demonic philosophy, religion, charter or law. They must be men of truth; must hate dishonest gain; must be wise, discerning, experienced (Exodus 18:13-23, particularly verse 21; Deuteronomy 1:13,15; 2 Chronicle 19:5-10; Psalms chapter 15; Acts 6:3).

But before such men can be chosen, the proper form of government must already be in place or a godly group of people who have the power to establish or reestablish a government must already exist. It is always to be understood that government should never be "government by the people." Rather, it should be government by God (Romans 13:1-7). It is suppose to be God's government established only upon the laws of God. Wherever there is a governement established on any other principles, men who fear God will not and cannot be chosen to serve therein. You should note that heathen governments never scruple about the moral and spiritual qualities in the sight of God of their government officials. Therefore all kinds of moral degenerates serve as their officials.

It should be noted carefully that after God delivered the Hebrews from Egypt to establish His great and noble nation over them, while they were at Mount Sinai and while Moses had gone up the Mount to receive from God the laws of God's theocratic government that would be imposed upon the people, heathenistic demokratia (democracy) was taking place at the foot of the mount by the people foolishly dictating to Aaron the form of idolatrous government they wanted established over themselves, and the result was a golden calf (Exodus 31:18-32:1-35). Therefore when humans seek to establish over themselves any form of government other than that of God's, the result will be heathen idolatry. Isn't democracy a golden calf?



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