Written by Robert T. Lee on Saturday, June 13, 2009


This article is intended for people who label themselves "evangelicals" or "Christians" -- "the religious right," or better, the religious wrong -- who say they are against abortion but believe that there are cases which give females justifiable reasons to have abortions.

The fact is, other than those abnormal conceptions such as ectopic pregnancies or congenital disorders which make embryos unmistakably mortally doomed so that nothing can be done to keep them alive or insure their births, there are no cases that can occur in any realm of the female's experience that can give any female a truly justifiable reason in the sight of God to have a deliberately-induced abortion. This is true because in every case in which people erroneously think there is justifiable reason, the embryo or fetus is always innocent in God's sight. One must never allow his or her view of abortion to be shaped by any political persuasion or manmade or demonic philosophy, religion, national charter, selfishness, or form of deception. It must always be shaped only by the justice and righteousness of the true God. One thing that should make that quite apparent is the fact that human embryos and fetuses are true human beings. Therefore, from the moment they are conceived, their lives are subject to God's laws that determine whether or not they have the right to life. God is the Maker of humans (Psalms 139:13). He has given them the right to life by virtue of causing them to be conceived. Conceptions cannot be had apart from God causing them. Once humans are conceived, their lives fall under the jurisdiction of His laws only. No other laws or court decisions or principles have jurisdiction over them, and no other principles should ever be considered. God's laws are the only principles by which the rights of human embryos and fetuses are established and can be properly understood.

Whenever there is a case wherein a girl or woman is contemplating having or is counseled to have an abortion, she should reject such contemplations and counsel and face the fact that the embryo or fetus which she has conceived is truly a divinely created human being subject to God's laws in terms of his or her right to life. Then she should ask herself and all who are counseling her to have an abortion, "What has the baby whom God has caused to be conceived in my womb personally done that makes him or her worthy of death in the sight of God?" She should accept the rightful answer to that question despite the conditions under which her baby was conceived. If there is consideration of having an abortion, a just and rightful reason must be present that shows that the baby has in some way personally performed, in violation of the laws of God, a certain act which rightly annuls his or her right to life. The words "innocent until proven guilty" do not apply more aptly in any case than in the lives of human embryos and fetuses when there are considerations to have them aborted. God's justice and righteousness state that the wages of sin is death (Romans 3:23). In a corporeal sense, that means that in God's sight, there is never a justifiable reason for any person or human institution to take away a human's right to life at any stage of his development or existence by any means except in a case wherein the person has personally committed a crime that makes him worthy of death. Death should never be the wages of innocence and helplessness. Since it is impossible for human embryos and fetuses to commit death-worthy crimes, God has made them to be innocent by every corporal standard of justice and righteousness which He has made for humans to obey. He has made them immune to any edict, law, court decision and personal decision to put them to death. That fact should never be suppressed. To cause them to be deliberately aborted for any reason in their most innocent and helpless states is high murder and high injustice in God's sight.

Regardless of the circumstances anyone wants to use to deceptively endeavor to justify deliberately induced abortions (except in mortally doomed cases), these abortions are never sanctioned by God; and no true justification can be found for them in the Bible. You will not find a single instance -- specific or implied in Scripture -- wherein God says rape, incest, or the supposed threat to the mothers' lives, etc. are justifiable reasons for abortion. But you will find the contrary. For example, if human embryos or fetuses were conceived as a result of incest, nowhere in the Holy Scriptures will you find anything that implie or specifically state that human embryos or fetuses have personally committed crimes and should lose their right to life as a result. However, it is specifically stated that the ones who committed the act of incest are the ones who have committed death-worthy crimes; and it is these who should be put to death (The male should be put to death immediately and the female should be put to death after she gives birth to the baby (Leviticus 20:11-12, 14, 17, 19-21).

The same is true of embryos and fetuses who are conceived as a result of rape. Even though they were conceived by a terrible crime, they have not personally committed any type of crime. Their conception by rape does not nullify their right to life since they did not personally commit a crime. Even though a child has been conceived by sin (as most are), yet it is God who has given him or her existence; for no conception can be had through righteousness or unrighteouness except God causes it. There is no true corporeal guilt in the person who is conceived by rape, no more than there is guilt in the person who is the victim of rape. The baby conceived and the female raped are both victims. The rapist is the one who has committed a death-worthy crime, and it is the rapist who should be put to death (Deuteronomy 22:23-27). What true justice and righteousness is served by insisting on the death of the innocent baby and not insisting on the death of the criminal rapist?

The high hypocrisy of evangelicals is clearly seen at this point. They never call for the death of the rapist or of those who commit incest. Further hypocrisy is seen in that many of them are against the death penalty even while they call for the death of innocent human embryos and fetuses. Thus, in essence, they protect the death-worthy criminals while they condemn the innocent to death.

If the situation is a case wherein a doctor states that a baby is a threat to the mother's life because the mother has heart disorders, diabetes, rhesus incompatibility, etc., such cases do not qualify as justifiable reasons to have an abortion. It must be understood that the doctor's prediction is just a prediction. The death of the mother may not actually take place if she gives birth. The best doctors make erroneous predictions all the time. But what is absolutely sure is that the baby will definitely die if he or she is deliberately aborted. So in essence, the doctor is using an unsure prediction of the death of the mother to bring about the sure death of the baby. But even if it is known for sure that the mother will die, it is better and more noble for her to give up her life to save the life of her innocent baby than to murder or have her baby murdered in effort to save her own sinful life (Genesis 35:16-18). On the scale of justice, the baby is more corporeally innocent than the mother, and by virtue of that innocence, has more of a right to life than the mother. People sacrifice their lives all the time to save others who are sinful, and they are regarded as heroes. So why do they make decisions against or counsel against making the greater sacrifice to save the lives of innocent and helpless human embryos and fetuses? Females who sacrifice their lives to save the lives of their innocent babies are true heroes. Again, the high hypocrisy of evangelicals is revealed at this point, for they claim to believe in Christ who came to earth to give up His life for hell-bound sinners. But they do not see it fit for the mother to give up her life for her corporeally innocent baby.

Thus far, I have contemplated the innocence or noncriminal status of human embryos and fetuses as it pertains to their personal corporeal state in this world under the just and righteous laws of God. Human embryos and fetuses are the most innocent people on earth because of their mental, spiritual and physical inabilities to commit any types of crimes by violating God's laws. But not all human embryos and fetuses are equally innocent. Some have a higher innocence than others. In order to understand this fact, one must have a true understanding of and appreciation for what it really means to be a recipient of the grace of God. What sets some human embryos and fetuses apart from others as being more innocent is the fact that some are God's elect who have received God's grace while they are yet in their mother's wombs. In other words, they have a spiritual and judicial innocence beyond their corporal innocence by means of their union with the Ultimate Innocent One, namely, the Lord Jesus Christ; and they are blessed from the womb (Luke 1:42). Notice in Luke 1:15 what is stated about the conception of John the Baptist. In that verse, God tells us that John received God's Holy Spirit while he was yet in the embryonic or fetus state of human development. This is proof that human embryos are human, and it means that John the Baptist became a Christian while he was yet in his mother's womb. People who profess to be Christians and believe that there are cases that give females justification to have abortions should come to realize the true murderous and satanic implications of their position on abortion. They are guilty of being in favor of murdering or of actually murdering the most innocent humans on earth -- God's elect who have been born again while yet in their mothers' wombs. Hence, the "evangelical," "protestant," "religious right," or "conservative" positions on abortion are just as murderous and satanic as the "liberal" positions. Their endeavor to justify abortion for fewer cases than the liberals does not nullify the Satanism of the cases for which they seek to justify abortion. But the point here is their hypocrisy make them guilty of murdering true Christians in their most innocent and helpless states. And even more hypocrisy is seen by the fact that they think unbelievers should have the right to have abortions for rape, incest, etc; and thus they in essence put their approval upon heathens who are murdering God's elect in their most innocent and helpless states.

The passage about John the Baptist's regeneration in the womb of his mother clearly reveals the high hypocrisy and murderousness of the positions the so-called evangelicals or the religious right embrace on abortion. It reveals that they care nothing about the true innocence of human embryos and fetuses in their most vulnerable and helpless state. Nor do they care about any of God's true people who receive God's grace in their mothers' wombs. Their positions on abortion are no better than the liberals', whom they condemn. As God has stated of the unbeliever, so He states about them: "They will not even have compassion on the fruit of the womb, nor will they pity children" (Isaiah 13:18). As long as they are for abortion for any reason, they are just as much hell-bound murderers as the liberals they condemn (Romans 2:1). They insist on putting the innocent to death rather than the guilty, even when the innocent may be God's true people. And which of them have you ever heard clamor for the death of a rapist or of those who commit incest, whether or not children are conceived by such crimes? Rather, they always stand for the death of the babies that are conceived as a result of the various sexual crimes.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Saturday, October 27, 2007


The legalization of slavery and discrimination against blacks and others were not the only things wrong with the original American constitution. But that is basically all that blacks have typically seen wrong with it. The truth is, every article and clause of it is high error; and as such, no part of it should have ever been amended. Rather, the entire document should have been destroyed long ago; and the rightful, supreme law of all humanity -- namely, God's Law -- should have been established in its place.

People whom God enlightens to understand that fact also understand and see the true, heathen implications of Martin Luther King's dream. His dream was a desire for blacks and others to be allowed to experience the gamut of so-called rights of the American constitution. Most people perceive nothing wrong with such a dream and are deceived into thinking it is a noble one. One reason for this error is that they are blind to and ignorant of the true, satanic nature of the entire American constitution and to the nature of true, God-given human rights and freedoms. But true Christians are privileged to perceive the true, satanic nature of the constitution and the terrible implications of King's dream. They therefore reject King's dream and embrace principles that are superior to and far nobler than anything King ever envisioned or understood.

The primary thing which makes King's dream worthy of rejection is the fact that it was based upon a manmade and demonic charter rather than upon the noble Laws of God. It was a blind and ill-informed dream for equal so-called rights defined by a constitution that was authored not by God but by heathen forefathers who are now in hell. It was not a dream for blacks to be allowed to enjoy the true rights which are given by God and which are guaranteed and protected only by a government that is properly established upon God's Laws. But it was a dream based upon an inverted, heathen charter which had its origin in hell. The American constitution, state laws made in pursuance thereto, and people who hate God's righteousness redefine moral crimes and evils as "rights." As long as there is any kind of dream for equal so-called rights that are based on a charter that deceptively inverts the proper meanings of human rights and freedoms, fools who embrace and live by such a dream will inevitably pursue their happiness through the gamut of evils that are wrongfully labeled as "rights." Thus King's dream and black's ill-informed struggle for equal "rights" under America's depraved charter have been none other than a struggle for equal "rights" to serve the devil.

Progress has been great in all sectors of society in blacks' experiencing King's or the American dream. But alas, such progress has turned out to be none other than a greater curse for blacks and the rest of America. Whereas blacks were once discriminated against in the music industry, they are now rivaling the heathen white man at his own game making vain, silly, immoral, and violent music which is teaching black youths and others to be extremely violent. Whereas blacks were once discriminated against in the movie industry, they are now rivaling heathen whites in making vain, stupid, villainous, and violent movies which are helping create a more deceived, uncaring, and violent America. All this and a lot more is being done based on the heathen freedoms defined by the American constitution. Now that blacks are enjoying King's dream, today black America is more violent than it ever was before blacks embraced King's foolish dream.

There are those who are unwilling to accept the fact that King's dream was not the noble dream that it seems. These are inclined to put a noble spin on it by saying that King did not intend for blacks to participate in immoral freedoms but wanted them to do or accomplish "honorable things" only. Such an argument is clearly revealed to be untrue by virtue of King's dream having been based on the "rights" and "freedoms" that are defined by a manmade or demonic charter. When one reads or listens to any of King's writings and speeches, it is revealed that he never urged blacks to embrace the rights of God's morality and reject the immorality of the deceptive, so-called rights of the American constitution. The omission of this important principle in King's writings and speeches speaks volumes about which of the two he really valued. There is nothing that shows that King had a hatred for the constitution, nor is there any evidence that he had a true love for God. But there is evidence that he revered the constitution and had a preference to it over God's Laws. Evidence of this is seen by the fact that he believed that the so-called rights of the constitution are noble rights to which blacks were entitled. He died for the constitution, not for the Laws of God. This is what makes King's dream a truly ignoble dream and his death an ignoble death.

King did indeed envision blacks as noble scientists and doctors. Now that they are doctors, however, males have wrongly become gynecologists, obstetricians, abortion doctors, scientists in fertility clinics for lesbians and gay couples, etc. Now that they are teachers, they are teaching children evolution and all the deception and speculation of science. They are prevented from teaching children in the schools God's morals by the very system from which they want equal so-called rights. King would have been exceedingly happy to see blacks becoming noble senators and congressmen on both levels of government. But now that they hold such positions, they are authoring and helping make some of the most foolish and immoral legislation and murderous policies that aren't right for humanity. As judges, they are not allowed to make decisions in accord with God's laws but must make them in pursuance to the heathen constitution and to foolish and unjust state laws. They are therefore making some of the most unjust sentences and ludicrous decisions. Black women are trying to rival the males in the work place and are not taking the proper role for women. They are going into space in shuttles not befitting for women. They are even leaving their nursing infants at home to serve in the military. King would have been proud to see Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State. But look at her: in her so-called noble position, she is playing an important diplomatic role in George Bush's unjust and murderous war which has murdered and continues to murder thousands of innocent Iraqis. This satanic principle of evil corrupting nobility holds true for anyone in any noble position in society who live according to the freedoms, values and ideals defined by the American constitution and its republic/democracy.

Those who come to realize how truly satanic is the American charter and its system of democracy will also become disenchanted with King's and the American dream. The American constitution is an inverted document. Its first amendment and its values and ideals corrupts every sector of society and every legitimate form of employment there is in America. Those who embrace Martin Luther King's dream or the American dream will be both participants in and victims of the evil so-called rights and freedoms of the American constitution that are not only corrupting America but also corrupting and harming all humanity. Blacks or any other people cannot truly be made better through King's dream or the American dream or its system of democracy. Any dream for the progress or uplifting of the corporeal or spiritual conditions of any portion of humanity which is based on a manmade or demonic charter will always fall terribly short of the glory of God. And he who forms a dream based on such a charter and those who embrace such a dream are none other than blind fools.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tuesday, Feburary 27, 2007


A fundamental principle about knowledge is that it is always the product of the mind of a thinking and rational being. Another fundamental principle is a mind can only receive knowledge from another mind. From whatever source a mind obtains knowledge, that knowledge always ultimately comes from another mind. There has never been and can never be an exception to these facts.

The minds of humans can impart knowledge to one another from their store of knowledge, but they can never impart it directly or telepathically. They must always do so indirectly through primary means such as through the use of their bodies (their tongues and lips, for example, as they speak) or apart from their bodies through secondary means which they use or devise. If you carefully examine any object of human technology, it is obvious that it took a rational mind or minds with knowledge enough to make it. Any person who gains knowledge and understanding about how to operate the technology does not gain knowledge from the technology itself as if the technology had a mind to impart knowledge; rather, the technology becomes the secondary means by which knowledge is gained from the minds who made the technology. Any corporal thing devised by a mind represents a level of knowledge and understanding of that mind, and any other mind which gains knowledge from the thing obtains knowledge from the mind who made it.

Material things and creatures not endowed with the faculty of reason are not able to communicate knowledge since they do not have minds, and therefore a mind cannot obtain knowledge from them as the first causes. Any knowledge that can be obtained through material things and irrational creatures does not come from a mind in them, but they are the secondary means by which the mind obtains knowledge from the mind who created them. A book which contains worthwhile knowledge does not communicate the knowledge as a result of a mind in the book, but it is the author of the book who communicates his knowledge using the book as a secondary means.

Just as a mind can receive knowledge from things made by the minds of other humans, a mind can also obtain knowledge from the things which human minds could never have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to make -- such as from the myriad things of nature. When one considers that fact, the two fundamental truths mentioned above about knowledge must be kept in view. If this is done, it will be clearly perceived that any knowledge that can be gained from the things of creation and irrational creatures also comes from a mind. Since knowledge can be gained from the various things in nature and since it is always the product of a mind and a mind exists only in rational beings, then the knowledge that can be gained from the various things in nature represents the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom of the rational being who created them. Therefore, the knowledge that can be gained from the things of nature disproves evolution and proves that an intelligent and rational being created all things. Knowledge that can be gained from the things of creation testifies to the indisputable existence of God.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Wednesday, December 24, 2006


There are those who think the divine conception of Jesus Christ is a myth. They are terribly mistaken! No person conceived by way of the sperm of man or the egg of woman could ever be the true Messiah. The conception of the true Messiah could not have taken place as that of ordinary humans. It had to take place outside the realm of what is ordinary in order to be fit for His perfect holiness and majesty.

Those who refuse to believe that the conception of the Lord Jesus Christ took place apart from the seed of Joseph and completely apart from the fertilization of the egg of Mary and refuse to believe that His conception was purely divine must understand that His purely divine conception serves to identify Him as the true Messiah. Had He been conceived as ordinary man, His entrance into the world would not have been recognized. His totally divine conception and the attesting miracles He performed throughout His ministry all served to reveal His identity as the true Messiah.

The study of genetics helps prove the divine conception of the Lord Jesus Christ and should help people to perceive who Christ really is. If it were thought that Joseph and Mary (or just Mary) were the parents of Christ in view of the fact that genetics is the study of how offspring receive characteristics of their parents and since Christ is God incarnated in human flesh, it should be clear that He could not have received His divinity from Joseph or Mary or any of their relatives since none of them were God. Therefore, it is not as their offpring that He was conceived as God incarnate. The divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ proves indisputably that neither Joseph nor Mary could possibly be genetically the true parents of Christ. The true Messiah -- Jesus Christ, is the Son of God Most High!

Written by Robert T. Lee on Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It is amazing to note the high hypocrisy of America condemning China as one of the greatest violators of human rights when much of what it does exceeds China in other ways. For example: Mired in America's foster care system are tens of thousands of children who need permanent, loving homes. The satanic rational is that since it is difficult to find good homes for these children, gays and lesbians should be allowed to adopt them. But the adoption of these kids by people who are gay or lesbian should never be allowed. Every child has the God-given right to have a rightful and morally-fit male and a morally-fit female as his or her parents, guardians, or adopters. But no gay person has the God-given right to be gay or the God-given right to adopt. Therefore to allow any child to be adopted by gays or lesbians is an egregious violation of the child's God-given rights.

Laws and policies should be made, enforced and maintained, which express the true criminality of homosexuality and forbid gays and lesbians from adopting children. In no way would such laws disadvantage the children who nevertheless are in need of true loving homes. But if gays and lesbians are allowed to adopt, there would be far worse consequencies. Those children would be deeply wounded spiritually, morally, psychologically, and socially. They would be raised in deception about the proper male and female roles and would be taught to tolerate or emulate the abominable depravity of homosexuality. Many would also be violated sexually in the confines of their homes. Lawmakers and agencies who understand what is right for humanity should make firm public statements in opposition to such adoptions. Adoption agencies should not recruit gays and lesbians and should not include them in outreach programs or parenting panels.

While America is fighting an unjust war in Iraq, it has closed its eyes to its real enemies: its so-called patriots -- officials and those in positions of power and status who are moral degenerates. These are doing far more harm to this nation than communism or any Middle Eastern person or group has done or is doing. Some of America's greatest enemies are its legislators, judges, scientists, doctors, fertility clinics, adoption agencies, gays and lesbians and their sympathizers. These are negatively affecting the lives of tens of thousands of innocent children and society for many generations to come. Since children are America's future, it is among children that the greatest harm is taking place. The war in Iraq is like a diversion to give the worse and real enemies the greatest opportunity to inflict the greatest harm upon America. While America is diverted by the thought of a "dirty bomb," it has not recognized that, morally, such a bomb is already being dropped on its children by its own patriots.

Any legislator in America who does not fight against fertility clinics and gays' adopting children and who fails to work to put into existence laws against allowing gays to adopt children, or any legislator who works to modify any laws which are already in place against such should be regarded as an enemy to human society and a true human-rights violator of the worst kind. Georgia lawmakers and those in all other states should introduce bills to ban placement of an adoptable child in a household where anyone is gay.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Thursday, August 28, 2005


Each year in the US, many people who murder someone also commit suicide. The murders are tragic for the innocent victims; but the perpetrators of such crimes inflict upon themselves the sentence they deserve. It's "self-inflicted justice." Such justice should not be bemoaned but rejoiced over, because the murderers have inflicted upon themselves the swift and proper justice which they would not have otherwise received through America's so-called criminal justice system.

Had there been no self-inflicted justice and had the persons received sentences for their crimes through America's so-called criminal justice system, most would have been allowed to cop some kind of plea whereby the original charge or charges against them would have been dismissed or reduced and their so-called punishments would have been far less than what they deserved. Others would have been placed before a cock-eyed jury and judge with the likely outcome of being exonerated. Even if they had given detailed grizzily confessions of all their crimes, and even if judges had given them the maximum sentences allowed by law, their sentences would nevertheless have been quite unbefitting despite the heinousness of their crimes.

Their improper sentences would have made them wrongful burdens to tax-payers. Their status as hardened and conscienceless criminals would have given them greater privileges than non-criminals. They would have been allowed to be "educated" and given medical care which many uninsured non-criminals cannot afford. Some would have committed unthinkable death-worthy acts while in prison. Others would have been allowed to marry, father children, or even publish books, etc., while in prison. And before they would have fully served their maximum yet inappropriate sentences dictated by law, some would likely have received early releases by foolish pardon and parole boards. Some of these parolees would have committed additional death-worthy crimes after having been wrongly released from prison. So even after death-worthy criminals commit death-worthy acts while in prison, or even after they become recidivists after being paroled, America's so-called criminal justice system is incapable of giving them the justice they deserve.

Statistics show that the number of people who kill themselves after they murder is much greater than the number of people the US "criminal justice system" puts to death for committing murder. Therefore, the occurrences of self-inflicted justice by people who have committed murder prove that such people, even as murderers, do a far better job at meting out criminal justice upon themselves and perform a much greater service to humanity than America's so-called criminal justice system accomplishes. Regardless of the motives which induce murderers to commit suicide, such motives nevertheless accomplish the real justice which the US Constitution or state and federal laws are incapable of accomplishing. When and wherever such justice is accomplished for the most heinous crimes which take place in the US, it is always accomplished outside of America's criminal justice system rather than within it and in the absence of government actions and any of its laws. This phenomenon exists in areas other than murder/suicides. The inmate who killed Jeffery Dalmer is a superb example. That inmate accomplished a needed act of justice which the state, through its so-called civilized laws, could not accomplish. Thus a criminal performed a nobler act for humanity than the state.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Thursday, September 25, 2004


To all you heathens who deny the existence of God and spurn His holy law, take note of the awesome demonstrations of the almighty power of the true God as He creates and moves His hurricane before your very eyes. He has the power to create and bring into being whatever, whenever and however He desires. Or He can make something out of what He has already created. No matter its size and power, His hurricane, is just a small demonstration of His power. Which one of you can do those things? Where are the so-called superpowers or mighty governments, "movers and shakers," things or technology you put your faith in that can bring into being something out of nothing or make something so powerful and great out of what has already been made? God fashions His hurricane out of wind and water -- out of that which He has already created. Take note how He forms it, the place He creates it, the size He gives it, how He makes its size vary, the course He makes it take, the power He gives it, the length of time he makes it last, the tornadoes and storms He causes within it. Notice the great power of the winds and the voluminous amount of water within it. Notice how He moves a vast amount of water from the air and the seas and dumps it where He wishes -- with ease -- the amount He wishes. There is nothing or no one you trust in who can do those things, can they? Who can form a hurricane but my God?

Take a look at your measly weather technology. It is nothing! You use it in vain in effort to predict the path that God's hurricane will take. You even foolishly try to predict its path days in advance. Your technology deceives you and the people who rely on it. It can't determine which way my God will move His hurricane or where He will cause tornadoes to form. If your technology was dealing with mere natural principles it could determine it. But it is not natural principles of nature you are dealing with. It is my God, and you are foolishly using your technology to try to determine what's in His mind when it can't even determine what's in the puny mind of man. God's hurricane laughs at you and frightens you. Your own technology laughs at you and shouts that you are blundering fools using ineffective gadgets like those who use the entrails of animals to make impossible predictions. Your technology is your idol god, but your god is a dismal failure. You fools, why do you put your trust in a broken foot. You see the great power of the true God, but you will not acknowledge His existence or honor and glorify Him.

Notice how God uses the threat of danger from His hurricane to move millions of people out of an area. He causes them to think alike. All think of ways to protect their property, masses think of evacuating the area, masses think of finding shelter. God changes them from a heterogeneous people to a homogenous. He can cause people to think the way He wants them to think. Can you influence the masses like my God? Heathens wish they had the power that my God has, but they will not worship Him.

Notice the places God sends the people fleeing for safety. He causes some to flee into the path of danger while others flee when they are in no real danger. He takes some lives while He spares others. God gives lives and He takes them away, there is nothing anyone can do to stop, punish or reward Him. He does what He wants with the lives of humans and there is no counsel, wisdom, advisories or technology against Him. Notice how He does what He wishes with their possessions and the tremendous changes He makes with His hurricane. -- He uproots hundred year old trees and destroys historic sites. He destroys the greatest "up to code" structures and leaves untouched weaker ones at will. He waterlog states and demolish neighborhoods. He erodes mountains and makes golf courses, grave yards and roads look like lakes. Mansions, luxury condos, so-called church buildings and businesses are turned to rubble or flooded. Animals escape from their cages or are moved. He even stops the economies of states or nations if he so desires. Things will not be the same after God's hurricane has finished. When He determines to make changes, who can stop Him? Why do you curse God you heathens? God is Maker and Proprietor of all power -- He owns the hurricane, the water; the wind, the waves, the trees, the animals. God owns you and everything you think you own. He does whatever He wishes with what he owns. So bow in worship to Him!

There are no governments more powerful than God, not even the heathen "superpower." There is no military or technological might that can match, move, stop, punish or reward Him. My God put armies and navies to flight. He can turn their guns, ships, tanks, submarines, jets, spaceships, satellites and computers into twisted rubble. Presidents, kings, military planners, soldiers, judges, lawmakers governors and police, in fear, hide in their bunkers. It is useless to grumble against, try to judge or raise any power or might against God. Behold the awesome power of the true God! That's my God! Fall down on your knees and worship Him. Bring you thoughts and laws in accord to His laws, you heathen leaders of the world. Your silly charters and philosophies are just like your houses that are built on sand that God's hurricane is blowing away. Your charters and foolish laws will not endure God's ultimate judgment.

Who owns the hurricane? No man owns it -- no nation owns it. God owns it you fool! If nations or men desired to own it, they could not. If they wanted to pay any sum for it, God would not take it - He needs no money. Money is trash! What would be your estimate of the value of God's hurricane? If it could be valued, no nation or persons has enough gold to trade for it. If nations or people were so foolish to want to own it, they could not harness its power to contain or control it. They could not keep it active. They wouldn't know what to do with it. Besides, what could they do with it but use it for evil? They don't have the wisdom to use it like my God. The inestimable value of God's hurricane is the result of all that God accomplishes with it. God demonstrate He is God by His hurricane. He makes manifest the weakness, depravity and stupidity of man. God shows the masses that He is Lord. Man's depraved and myopic view of God's hurricane sees nothing but "destruction." He sees and understands less than a smidgen of the things God actually accomplishes. And it is out of his depravity and ignorance that he questions the righteous works of God, tries to judge and curses Him. God creates His hurricane in righteousness, knowledge and wisdom and uses it in the same. And everything that His hurricane accomplishes is good. Why do you complain against God's hurricane you fool? You deserve hell!

Notice how the hurricane makes manifest the failure of your heathen governments to carry out their responsibilities to their people. They give warnings and advisories about the dangers of God's hurricane, but they will not warn their people of the far worse impending wrath of God to come on God's judgment day. Their people also realize that they can be hurt or killed by God's hurricane, even when such realizations may not be sure, yet they make preparations for its arrival. But they do not do what is necessary to avoid God's future wrath on judgment day. God's wrath will be far, far worse than any of His hurricanes and it is also sure. Just as God is the one who makes the hurricane, He is also the one who will judge every human. Why do you, oh heathens, give advisories, warnings, sound your warnings and prepare for present dangers which may not be sure to happen but have no regard for that which is far worse and is sure?

"FBI WARNING: Federal law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted motion pictures, video tapes or video discs."
Written by Robert T. Lee on Thursday, September 9, 2004


Occasionally, law enforcement discover pirated discs and/or tapes of music and movies and brings charges against the people who reproduce, distribute or exhibit them. But pirated music and movies are almost always vain or immoral in nature. They are not depraved because they are pirated, but they are so because the "legal copies" from which they are pirated are usually studiously designed by their authors to appeal to human innate depravity. It is the very vanity and/or depravity of such music and movies that makes them popular. The depravity of the legal copies is instrumental in causing much of the crime and moral decay in America. But as is characteristic of many of America's laws, the laws that apply to piracy of villainous movies and music deal with the effects and not the causes. The laws criminalize and punish the people who commit the lesser crimes and exonerate, reward and protect the people who commit the greater.

The most unfortunate facts about the existence of depraved movies and music are: it is the federal government who has given citizens the first amendment so-called right to author such works. It is the federal government who actually copyright the originals. The governments issue the permits or licenses which allows the originals to be marketed. The governments collect taxes from the sales of the originals. The governments protect the unworthy copyrights of the originals. These deplorable actions by the governments have served to give depravity wrongful legitimate status in society, have made depraved music and movies large commodities of the American economy for their criminal authors, and have helped create whatever moral decay, heathen fads and crimes that are associated with them. The greater crimes, therefore, are being committed by the people who actually author the original smut and by the levels of government who are working on the authors' behalf's to protect and license their original works of vanity and smut.

The laws against piracy of depraved movies and music are senseless in view of the fact that since the original works themselves are vain and/or depraved, they have no true right of existence. They are senseless in view of the fact that the "legal copies" are as pernicious to society as pirated copies. They also are extremely ludicrous in view of the fact that the most important institution in society -- government -- the institution that is responsible to discourage all forms of vice, is the culprit who allows and copyrights the original works of depravity. What is accomplished for the good of society by laws that criminalize and punish only the piracy of smut while allowing the original smut to be authored and distributed by their authors? Government should establish just penalties for all people who author, copy, distribute, or exhibit such works? If the purpose of the law is to promote the true moral welfare of the inhabitants of America, it would prohibit the original works of smut and there would be no smutty works of "art" with unworthy copyrights that could be violated.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Sunday, June 20, 2004


There are several important facts which need to be clearly realized and kept in mind in regard to so-called stem cell research and same-sex marriage. Both of them are abominations and death-worthy crimes in the sight of God. They are so because they violate or destroy the God-given rights of innocent and helpless humans and destroy the proper social and moral order of humankind. The people in favor of those high crimes are doing far more harm to society than the people who caused the September 11th destruction.

God has given every human the right to be conceived or brought into existence in righteousness, love, honor, and dignity. It is within these noble rights that He created the first humans. He has also given humans the right to be brought into existence only within human wombs. These rights are violated or destroyed by "stem cell research" because the human embryos who are brought into existence for such purpose will be conceived by in vitro fertilization or in Petri dishes. Think of your God-given rights to an honorable and dignified conception that would have been denied had you been conceived in a Petri dish.

Already the rights of humans to be conceived in righteousness, honor, and dignity are being violated or denied by people who cause humans to be conceived by the sins of fornication, adultery, rape, and incest. What person would feel he had an honorable conception upon learning he had been conceived by rape or incest? What person wants to learn that he is a true bastard? And what person could rightly feel he were conceived in honor if he could be told he were conceived in a Petri dish by the hands of a foolish scientist for the purpose of being sacrificed for other people's avarice or blind selfishness? People readily recognize the indignity of conceptions which result from the sins of fornication, adultery, rape, and incest. However, the indignity of such conceptions takes place within human wombs. So-called stem cell research goes beyond the heinousness of those death-worthy sins in denying humans their right to enter this world rightly and in dignity.

Another most precious right God has given children is to have morally sane males and females as their parents or guardians. In no case should children ever be denied that noble right. However, the American government does not recognize this as the right of children. As a result, government allows this precious right to be denied them by same-sex marriages and by allowing gay and lesbians to adopt or become parents or guardians of children through the different means. Think of the egregious and horribe violation of a child's right to rightful parents when a child is conceived by in vitro fertilization to a lesbian couple. Or think of the egregious violation of a child's right to rightful parents when a child is adopted by a gay or lesbian couple or conceived by gay parents. What person could rightly feel he was conceived in honor once told that he was conceived in a Petri dish by the hands of a morally sick scientist for the purpose of giving a gay or lesbian couple a child? What person could feel that he was adopted in honor when adopted by a gay or lesbian couple? And what child truly wants to have a gay or lesbian parent? Such a situation would be morally devastating to a sane person and would cause him to harbor deep resentment toward government and society for having seriously violated this most precious right God has given to humans.

It is sad to realize that even the most "educated" Americans have a total disregard or ignorance for the true God-given rights of humans. Instead, the abominations which should never be debated or regarded as "rights," they deceptively label as "rights." Stem cell research and homosexuality are not simply private issues. They negatively affect the proper social order of the whole society. If government allows any moral crime in society, the crime will begin to be deceptively labeled as a "right" by the depraved people who want to practice it. Then foolish effort by government will be made to try to "balance" those moral crimes with true God-given rights. But sins or wrongs falsely labeled as "rights" cannot truly be balanced with true rights. If moral evils are legally sanctioned by government as "rights," the net result of allowing them will not truly be a balance of rights but will always be the destruction of the true God-given rights of innocent people involved and the God-given rights of society as a whole.

A government that allows stem cell research and same-sex marriage is a no-good government.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Thursday, Feburary 12, 2004


The American constitution is an inadequate document. It fails miserably to properly address the weightier issues and moral needs of the nation. Reprobates are well aware of these sad facts; as a result, they are seizing the various opportunities to capitalize off the constitution's inadequacies and busily establishing their evils in the society. By so doing, they prove to be the greatest enemies to America. They are doing far more real harm to it than any so-called terrorist or thought-to-be enemy of America.

The scope of human actions is like a vast universe which human laws of whatever type can never fully charter. Nevertheless, laws are needed for every action in order to dictate and teach proper actions and maintain human responsibility to God in everything humans can do. An exhaustive and perfect law is needed so that loopholds will not exist and so that proper judgments can be made for or against equivalent actions of different natures, and to unhypocritically dispense justice in all cases. The only law in the entire universe that can rightly handle such momentous tasks is not any kind of revered manmade or demonic law but the law of God -- the TEN COMMANDMENTS. That is why it is so foolish for humans to devise their own laws or charters. They simply cannot make laws that can address every circumstance humans find themselves in and everything they can do (See the "elastic" clause in the American constitution). Effort to do so would result in volumes after volumes of blind, foolish and rebellious laws which would totally cover the earth and reach the heavens; and even with such volumes, the job still would not begin to be accomplished.

Because of man's rejection of God's laws, man's feeble attempt to make his own laws actually results in lawlessness. By foolishly endeavoring to make his own laws, he cannot address the tip of the iceberg of the possible actions and circumstances of human life. That absence of laws is far greater than the measly, unjust, and backwards laws he attempts to make; and so his efforts really promote lawlessness. The vastness of areas of human life unaddressed by proper laws unavoidably results in dire consequences for society in uncountable ways.

That is basically what has taken place with the Massachusetts law permitting same-sex marriage. It is an area not addressed by the founding fathers in their ill-conceived constitution. For 227 years, that area has been left, by manmade or constitutional law, unprotected for moral criminals to exploit and establish their depravity through moral criminals serving in government in black robes. An additional sad thing about it is society has many other vulnerable areas which latter generations of the senseless will not seek to protect and which moral criminals will definitely exploit. What's next after same-sex marriage? It will be bestiality -- guaranteed! Hey, there's no law to prevent it. We already see the workings of it in "Beauty and the Beast.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Sunday, November 23, 2003


For the past thirty years I have been an active advocate for world-wide destruction of all man-made and demonic philosophies, religions, and charters and for the irrevocable establishment of the TEN COMMANDMENTS in their places. The TEN COMMANDMENTS (understood in their purity) are the most perfect, righteous, and noble laws in the universe, designed by God for all humans to perfectly obey. They are the only laws that have a right of existence in human societies and governments. All others have no such right and should be proscribed.

But it is not true that America was founded upon the TEN COMMANDMENTS or that the TEN COMMANDMENTS are the legal foundation of its state and federal laws. Any leader, minister, or government official that makes such a claim is a liar and deceiver. Indisputable proof of these facts can be obtained by carefully reading and examining the legal and binding document upon which America was founded. There is actually only one document, namely, the American constitution, but some would include the Declaration of Independence. There is not the slightest mention of God or the TEN COMMANDMENTS and not the slightest hint of any kind of true Christian principles in the American constitution. A proper understanding of the constitution reveals that it really is an anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-moral document.

It is true that America has vestiges of the TEN COMMANDMENTS incorporated into its state laws, but that in no way suggests that America was founded upon the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Actually, there is nothing unique about America's having vestiges of God's morality incorporated into its laws. All other nations, including the most "undeveloped," have vestiges of them as well. In fact, some nations, particularly those hostile to America, have a lot more morality in their laws and a lot more Biblical principles practically enforced upon their people than America has. Even Sodom and Gomorrah of old had "Thou shall not kill," "Thou shall not steal," etc. No human society can exist with a total absence of such laws.

The vestiges of morality that are incorporated into America's state laws are mostly the result of what the thirteen British colonies had while they were under British rule. Many of the Europeans of the colonies were religionists (mostly unregenerate religionists), and so their religious convictions were incorporated into the governing bodies of the colonies. Such laws held sway over them while they belonged to Britain. But when the colonies declared independence, the anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-moral constitution of the United States became the legal and binding supreme law of the land. The anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-moral constitution of the united states requires that all state laws and judgments be made in pursuance to it (see Article 6). This is the reason many older state laws made in accordance to Christian principles have been and are continually being successfully challenged in the courts. This is why Ten Commandment plaques and monuments are successfully removed from certain places. The religious laws or the morality that was incorporated in the laws that the thirteen colonies possessed under British rule became "unconstitutional" once the anti-moral American constitution became the law upon which America became an independent nation. When America declared independence from Britain, it also declared independence from God's morality. That continually proves to be the greatest tragedy for America and for the rest of humankind upon whom Amerca has influence.

I'm against the ACLU, any government and anything or anyone else with an anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-moral agenda. But I am also against false preachers, leaders, and politicians who prey upon the ignorance of the people by erroneously claiming that America was established upon Christian principles.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Friday, August 29, 2003


It is no big deal whenever a monument or plaque of the TEN COMMANDMENTS is removed from government property. Nothing is really lost. Rather, what true Christians should be seeking is to have the heathen american constitution annulled and the TEN COMMANDMENTS established in its place as the supreme laws of the land. You and your supporters are focusing on a trivial issue. You should be focusing on the more weightier issue of making the TEN COMMANDMENTS THE SUPREME LAWS OF THE LAND rather than the constitution's being such. Christians can't have both. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS are from God but the american constitution is from satan. If they want to put a monument of the Ten Commandments on government property, then sooner or later someone will want to put up a monument of the Koran or whatever. If the constitution were completely destroyed and the TEN COMMANDMENTS legally and properly established in its place -- without the ability to make any amendments to it -- then you will have given the TEN COMMANDMENTS their proper place, and no one could prevent monuments from being placed anywhere on government property. A mere monument is not the proper place for God's Holy Laws. That is for a dead, nonbinding law that people just want to remember. But the TEN COMMANDMENTS is a living and ever-abiding law and the only law in all of creation which has just and legal claim over all humans -- including all Americans. Therefore, Christians should strive to give the TEN COMMANDMENTS the legal status over the american society the constitution wrongly occupies, and the heathen american constitution the nonlegal status it gives the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Removing a monument or plaque from government property is somewhat like removing the Bible from a room in a person's house. No big deal. What is really important is for the principles of that Bible to be established in the heart of that person. That is the most important place for God's word -- the heart. Once there, it can't be removed. So, when they remove the Bible from his room, they have accomplished nothing. In the same way, the proper place for the TEN COMMANDMENTS is not as a monument but as the supreme laws of the land. That is the most important place for God's laws in government and society.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tuesday, April 1, 2003


There are numerous anomalies about America's war against Iraq. One that is quite disturbing is there are law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, judges, and people who are serving on jury duty who strongly support President Bush's decision to go to war. The nature of the work these people do -- some on a daily basis -- requires the acute awareness that credible proof must be obtained and effectively presented in a court of law in order for there to be justifiable cases made against people accused of crimes.

Before President Bush started his war, he did not present to the UN Security Council, America's allies, and the American public any credible evidence that justifies a war against Iraq. Yet a war is now well underway. By law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, judges and etc. siding with the president, perhaps to keep from appearing unpatriotic, one result is the revelation of their true abilities to fairly perform their jobs and a loss of confidence in those abilities erodes confidence in the fairness of the criminal justice system as a whole.

Since such people know the importance of credible evidence but have nevertheless sided with an erring president who is already killing many innocent people including children, the following question may be asked: Would law enforcement personnel and others be inclined in their jobs to fabricate false evidence, biasly favor the punishment of or make diligent effort to prosecute certain people accused of crimes when there is no legitimate evidence against them? Their support for an unjust war speaks for itself. If they support an unjust war that is killing thousands of innocent people, what will prevent them from doing so in the positions in which they are presently employed given the right circumstances?

The President of the United States may has added fire to the already strong existing tendency towards injustice in the criminal justice system of America. President Bush should be charged with war crimes against humanity!

Written by Robert T. Lee on Sunday, Feburary 23, 2003


It is interesting to note that America's intention to go to war against Iraq has all the principles in place that were at the root of the actions of historical governments and nations which produced all the unjustifiable atrocities of the world.

Historical unjust atrocities caused by war were always performed by stronger nations upon the weaker. In that sense, the stronger always posed the greatest threat and wielded the greatest terror or was the real terrorist. However, the leaders of the societies upon whom the atrocies were inflicted were always deceptively portrayed as the greater threats and were vilified as being more evil depite the fact that they were the weakest or next to powerless.

Although some of the atrocities were performed crudely and obviously without today's war technology, all of them were performed "diplomatically" -- in accord to some type of domestic and/or multilateral "civilized law" -- under the guise of perpetuating what is "right". However, the real reasons for the justification of the unjust atrocities were always truly senseless, deceptive and evil.

In every case, the people who committed the atrocities sought to convince their friends and allies to join them and pressured reluctant allies with some kinds of incentives or threatened them with isolation for disagreement or nonparticipation.

In every case, the vast majority of gullible patriotic citizens of the stronger nations that committed the atrocities agreed with and supported their leaders and governments. Nationalistically selfish, and uncaring citizens closed their eyes to the injustices and deceived themselves into believing their governments could do no wrong. Even when their governments failed to supply justifiable reasons for the wars, the gullible deceived themselves into thinking that there were justifiable reasons for the wars that their leaders were not revealing to the public. Where there was languishing support among the citizenry, effort was made to deceive them into agreeing.

Military personnel who actually had to fight in the wars closed their eyes, disregarded the injustice of the wars, and deceived themselves into thinking they had a legitimate job to do for their country. Their foolish and indiscriminate patriotism made them choose to risk their own lives and participate in the murder of many innocent people for the unjust interests of their countries. They fought depite the fact that their leaders, governments and countries cared nothing for them. Many soldiers died in vain defending the foolish interests of their country. In every case, the citizens who actively opposed their own villain nations were stigmatized as unpatriotic.

Its a fact that nations commit injustices upon their own people (abortion) and upon weaker nations for senseless reasons. And people of the stronger nations close their eyes to the injustices. That's how all the historical unjust atrocities took place.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Sunday, September 8, 2002


After reading the contents of this website, some people send me email suggesting that if I do not like america, then I should move to another country. People who do not know me do not understand the reasons for my anti-american sentiment.

In order to understand, you have to understand and appreciate the way government is supposed to work and the proper responsibilities humans have only to proper government. Very few "educated" and "patriotic" americans understand and appreciate the proper operations of government. I do not hate the fundamental principle of government per se. It is the corruption, the adulteration or the suppression of the proper practical outworkings of the fundamental principle that I hate. I love the fundamental principle, because the fundamental principle is from God (Romans 13:1). Government is not supposed to be government by the people and operate as a servant for the people, but is supposed to be a corporeal presence of God's government operating in true accord with God's laws and rightly imposing such laws upon the people. The principle of government was not made by humans but by God. Therefore, the intrinsical principle of government is divine. No human has any true patriotic responsibility to obey manmade or demonic charters or laws of any kind. Our only responsibility is to the laws of God. The american charter and americanism are rightly classified as both manmade and demonic.

It's impossible for sane minds who understand those facts to love a government that makes it legal to murder the most innocent, weak and vulnerable -- innocent human embryos and fetuses -- and simultaneously protect, feed, shelter and educate death-worthy criminals and do all it can to keep from putting such people to death. It's impossible for sane minds to love a government that permits same-sex marriages. Itís impossible for sane minds to love a government which allows crooks and moral criminals to serve in positions of government. It's impossible for sane minds to love a government that violates the basic God-given human rights of children to have decent parents by allowing gay couples to adopt children. It's impossible for sane minds to be patriots when america stigmatizes and criminalizes its most worthy citizens who rightly speak out against america's many evils and who seek to have such evils removed. Those are just a few examples that warrant anti-american sentiment.

Furthermore, you may or may not realize it, but there is a strong push in america by foolish animal rights advocates to give animals, such as monkeys, "human" status. This push is blatantly being made in the face of efforts to maintain non-human status for innocent human embryos and fetuses. Such a terrible thing can only lead to the legalization of bestiality, a thing the heathen movie industry and Walt Disney already promote through "Beauty and the Beast" and etc. It's impossible for sane minds to love and be patriots of a nation which allows such abominable efforts to be made.

Just as beef that has become so contaminated with deadly bacteria has no worth but to be destroyed, a government and nation can become so thoroughly evil until it is impossible for sane minds to maintain a love for them. America has gone far beyond the tolerable point and has become obnoxious to those who love righteousness. The more evil a government and society becomes, the more they lose their right to exist in the evil forms in which they have foolishly established themselves. How much closer to hell does america have to get in order for its citizens and trusted allies to wake up? If the american government and society can be reshaped to operate as they should, they will never be made right through foolish patriotism to american ideals and tolerance for the evil fruit of the american constitution.

Sane minds do not and cannot love america simply because it carries the title of "america". They do not and cannot love it simply because they were born in america or have become legal citizens. They do not and cannot love it because of the foolish freedom it allows its citizens. Neither can they love it just because it is a so-called super power. Sane minds can only love a government and society that is truly righteous. Love for righteousness creates a love for righteous government and a righteous society.

My anti-american sentiment springs from a hatred for the evil anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-moral principles upon which america was founded and the evil effects those principles are producing in the american society and throughout the world community. The exportation of americaís immorality to other nations is producing anti-american sentiment in other nations as well. No one loves america in its present depraved condition except those who are deceived, naÔve, foolish, and moral criminals. America would do well to take to heart justifiable anti-america sentiment wherever it is found. Stigmatizing it as "hate" or "extremist" and punishing it by jailings and bombings makes anti-american sentiment even more justified.

People who send me email suggesting I should move to another country or to a remote island are those who do not want to be rightly ruled by the true God. They reject the fact that God is their Maker -- the only One they are truly responsible to perfectly obey in thought, word and deed through corporeal government. They hate the thought of even living under a corporeal government that properly operates by and imposes God's Laws upon the people. It was haters of God who founded america upon principles that are in defiance to God and the proper workings of His government.

Human responsibility to God through corporeal government is a real responsibility. It is also an omnipresent obligation. There are no philosophies, charters or laws that can be made and no place humans can go in all of existence that can enable them to escape their obligations to the Laws of God. The most haters of God can do is deceive themselves and seek to suppress the proper workings of government by devising philosophies, charters or laws in opposition to Godís existence and His rightful, corporeal rulership over them. The suggestion to true Christians by haters of God that they should move to another country because of their expression of justifiable anti-american sentiment is a senseless and empty suggestion in view of the fact that america is indeed an ill-established and terribly evil nation. It especially holds no weight in light of the fact that since God is Proprietor of the heavens and the earth (Psalms 89:11) and is the God of true Christians, the earth belongs to true Christians (Psalm 37:11; Matthew 5:5). They therefore have the right to live where God has dictated that they should live and they have the right and even the God-given authority to demand that any manmade or demonic government seeking to impose its illegal and heathen laws upon the people be brought to its senses, changed or destroyed, and the corporeal workings of the government of the true God be rightly established in its place (Matthew 6:10). This should be accomplished even if heathens, moral criminals, or those who reject God compose the greater majority of the society.

Since haters of God do not want to be ruled by their Maker through corporeal government, they forfeit their right to live anywhere on earth and in any other part of God's creation. So where in all of God's creation can true Christians suggest that people who do not want to be ruled by God move since God is Proprietor of the heavens and the earth and human obligations to God are ubiquitous? The only place God has rightly reserved for such people is a place called Hell, and the souls of haters of God will definitely be deported there immediately after their deaths. Even in hell they will find that they are still responsible to obey the true God.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Thurs., May 30, 2002


Even though the sexual crimes of Catholic "priests" with young boys and some women have been condemned, yet there has been no condemnation made against the heinous moral crime of homosexuality. The Catholic "Church" has not been condemned for its allowance of gays within its leadership and laity, and no condemnation of priests having homosexual relationships with one another or with other homosexual male adults. Any condemnation directed towards the so-called catholic church for its sexual crimes apart from condemnation of homosexuality is high hypocrisy.

However, no one should ever think anything worthwhile is lost if there is a major loss of confidence in the Catholic religion. Such a loss is actually very good. A total loss of confidence is needed. In the sight of the true God, Catholicism has no right to existence. Contemporary Catholicism has not been sanctioned by God and therefore it is none other than a manmade or demonic religion.

The same is true for all that is mislabeled as "Christianity" among the so-called evangelicals and etc. Even though the so-called "church" in all its heathen forms has a prominent presence in America and the world community, despite its prominence, it has produced no real Christian fruit. The "Churches" are full of nothing but false preachers, hypocrites and moral criminals who are rightly condemned by the true God to the ultimate form of corporeal and eternal punishment. Instead of having a powerful godly influence upon society, the so-called Churches actually are teaching society to accept and sympathize with moral crimes and its moral criminals. The Catholic priests and other religious hypocrites have not given the true Gospel to the world but have helped give AIDS to the world. Away with false "christians and their false "christianity"!

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tues., October 20, 2001


Are you one who is flying an american flag and have put up a sign that says "God bless america"? True Christians ought to be careful here. The attacks upon america may have been a small measure of punishment from God. For true Christians to fly the ameican flag is like Lot flying the flag of Sodom. True Christians definitely do not want to be opposed to God's righteous judgements upon a desperately wicked nation. One thing for sure is that what happened to america definitely did not happen because it is righteous nation.

Also, true Christians do not say "God bless america". That is quite a selfish and self-centered desire. Americans are not the only people who can become God's true people. Therefore it is better to pray or put up signs that say, "God bless His true people, whoever they are and whereever they reside". Its possible for some of them to reside in Afghanistan. If there happens to be some there, true Christians in america and in whatever other nation true Christians reside should be diligently praying for God to bless them as well -- especially since america is there also terrorizing and murdering innocent people. God's true people may not only reside in heathen america, but far more of them may reside in other countries that are hostile to america.

Written by Robert T. Lee on August 12, 2001
It's patriotically unsettling to realize how easily America is duped by atheistic and anarchistic "scientists" and their supporters through reports of their various types of so-called research. They have not only deceived America but also the world community into thinking that God's morality stifles "worthwhile" scientific progress towards finding cures for various human maladies. They have used their influence to make it deceptively appear that the cures for mankind's physical and mental infirmities are to be found in areas in which God forbids humans to experiment. This deception, readily imbibed by senseless and corrupt legislators, the senseless rich, and senseless "health care" groups, seeks to give scientists unbridled and immoral research capabilities. Such capabilities give them license to commit upon humankind greater atrocities than the maladies they claim they are seeking cures for.

Human embryonic development begins when human sperm fertilizes human eggs. That is so whether such fertilizations take place in human wombs or in laboratory petri dishes. It doesn't matter how many minutes, hours or days old human embryos are; it doesn't matter how few cells he or she consists of; it doesn't matter that in 4 or 5 days they are only about the size of the dot on an "i". They nevertheless are precious human beings made of far more than viewable cells but also conceived with invisible souls. Their souls give their cells life and distinguish them from animals. This most important part of human life is completely ignored by scientists. It is the part that makes human life so precious. But scientists devalue human life to the level of plants and animals by foolishly considering human embryos to consist of nothing more than cells.

Because human embryos are precious, innocent, and helpless humans, it's among the worse forms of abridgement of their God-given rights to cause them to be manufactured. It's among the worse forms of abridgements of their God-given rights to proper conception to deprive them of their rightful environment of conception and development by causing them to be conceived outside of the womb in laboratory dishes. It is also a most deceptive form of torture to freeze them, and a most deceptive form of murder to take away their precious lives by harvesting the few cells that give them corporeal existence.

But embryonic stem cell research is far more satanic than many people realize. Scientists think that in order for stem cell injections to have their best promise of effecting cures, the embryos must be related to the patients. This means that scientists intend to produce incestuous in-vitro unions of sperm or eggs or both with or from the closest blood relatives of the patients. Scientists also believe that embryos cloned from patients' own cells joined with relatives' eggs will yield greater success, with even the possibility of yielding implantable organs without patients' bodies rejecting the organs. Thus, stem cell research demands incestuously conceived human embryos who are the blood relatives or clones of the patients and, thereafter, the murdering of the related embryos or clones after harvesting stem cells or organs in hopes of curing patients' mental or physical maladies.

It's pure insanity to manufacture humans in order to murder them in experimental research aimed to cure lesser infirmities of other people. It doesn't matter that the other people are scientists, former presidents, celebrities, government officials, the rich, or world leaders, the importance of seeking cures for such people does not outweigh the preciousness of the lives of helpless human embryos. The greater atrocities are produced by the senseless deaths of the innocent and helpless human embryos, whether or not their cells can effect cures. Scientists who advocate stem cell research and anyone who sympathizes with such prove they do not possess a tender regard for the high dignity of human life in its most innocent, helpless and vulnerable stages. That fact disqualifies them from being scientists and should bring upon them the rightful indignation and stigma as high criminals by all governments. That is true because they have become greater threats and plagues to members of helpless humanity than the diseases they seek to cure.

It's wrong to allow stem cell research. To do so legalizes a most terrible form of genocide and unjustly criminalizes every person who rightly opposes it. If stem cell research truly holds so much promise, why haven't scientists, celebrities and the rich who are beset with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, already been incorporated into clinical experimentations? Stem cell research is already privately funded. Experimentations have already been performed on animals with claimed success. Scientists and celebrities have the contacts and money to have such experimentation performed upon themselves. Its an easy matter in the secrecy of their lives to use their own sperm and eggs and those of their closest relatives to produce embryos from which to harvest cells to effect their own cures. Why hasn't it already been done? The reason is it doesn't truly work. They are only trumped-up cures designed for scientists, celebrities and people in the medical industry to make a lot of money off gullible taxpayers. That is the cure for those like Christopher Reeve who is short on money.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tues., January 22, 2000


Dennis Rabbitt, who confessed to the South Side rapes and who terrorized St. Louis area women for at least a decade has been unjustly sentenced. Police proved 29 sexual assaults by Rabbitt dating back to 1988, and believe he is responsible for many more. He is called the South Side Rapist because many of the rapes occurred in south St. Louis. He was given 3 life sentences and faces five more.

In the eyes of God and all who understand His justice, rape is at least equal to the heinousness of murder. God's righteous and just Law requires government to put to death the person who commits a single rape (Deuteronomy 22:25). Any sentence less than death is insanity and injustice.

Carefully examine how utterly insane and unjust it is for government to give Rabbitt (or any death worthy criminal) a sentence of life or consecutive life sentences. He may die shortly after he is sentenced. At whatever age he dies, he will have served only one life sentence since he can live only one life short or long.

If Rabbitt had died within a day after he was sentenced, he would have only received a day's sentence. If he dies within a month, only a month's. Even if He lives to be 70 or 80, the same principle applies. Thus it is the ultimate act of insanity and deception to the society for the criminal "justice" system to pretend to be giving justice to a death worthy criminal by sentencing him to life or consecutive life sentences since his life can be very short and since one life sentence, regardless of how long it is lived, is all he can actually be punished by.

Consecutive life sentences for death worthy crimes in no case accomplishes true justice, regardless of the number of sentences. The more consecutive life sentences given, the more silly, insane and unjust do they reveal the criminal justice system is. The criminal justice system should listen to the voices of consecutive life sentences it feel it must give. What they do is become advocates for a greater punishment than a life sentence. Since the greater punishment must be real in order to be experienced by the criminal, they imply he deserves the ultimate that can be received. One life sentence is all that is possible for a death worthy criminal to experience under any number of consecutive life sentences. Since his crimes demand that his punishment should be greater than what he can experience in one life sentence, and that additional punishment must be real and just - but additional life sentences cannot be genuinely experienced, that is a loud herald from the heinousness of his crimes that his sentence and punishment should be death.

Dennis Rabbitt was 43 when he was unjustly sentenced. If you imagine, for example, that he may live to be 80 under 8 life sentences, he will have served only 37 years in prison. In no way will he have been punished by 8 life sentences during such time. Police documented 29 sexual assaults by Rabbitt. In 37 years, he will have only served the equivalent of a little over two and a half years for each rape. If he lives only two and a half years, he will have served only a little over a month for each rape. Even if he could live to be 150, his sentence would nevertheless be quite unjust, because the media, the immoral movie industry and the foolish public will make him out to be a celebrity because of his age. In addition to that, He will have been rewarded for his crimes during his stay in prison by having been fed, medicated, "educated" and etc. at his vitims' expense.

Thus a single life sentence or even a million consecutive life sentences for death worthy criminals are nothing more than stark injustice. Such sentences are stupidity and great travesties of the criminal justice system. They make manifest that those who are against the death penalty for death worthy criminals are blind fools who hate justice and righteousness. Such people deserve the death sentence themselves, regardless of who they are.

The argument that a death worthy criminal will serve no time at all if he is immediately put to death by the government is a pretty lame argument. The fact that he should be put to death imply that his crime is so heinous that he has forfeited or lost all right to life on the face of the earth. It also implies that no form of punishment given him while he still lives can be just. God's requirement that government put him to death is God taking the death worthy criminal out of the world so as to bring his soul to a place where he can be justly punished, and that place is hell if his soul has not been saved by the grace of God.

Let it also be noted that there was the possibility of one or more of Rabbitt's rape victims getting pregnant. Whether such actually happened, I do not know. But based on america's terrible murderous sentiment towards helpless and innocent human embryos and fetuses, and its insane sentiment against the death penalty for death worthy criminals, the pregnant rape victim would likely have desired to have an abortion, or would have at least been counseled to do so. If she would have gotten one, an innocent human embryo or fetus, who was incapable of participating in the rape, would have gotten the death the rapist should have gotten, while the rapist would still be living to be fed, protected, medicated, "educated" and etc. The sentence that the real death worthy criminal should have gotten would have unjustly been given to the innocent human fetus with the government's full approval and protection of the ones who would have done the merciless slaughtering. That is not right, reader, and you know it! He who favors consecutive life sentences for death worthy crimes, prove the justice of such a sentence.

The infliction of death upon any human should be the wages of a person having committed a death worthy crime. It should never be inflicted upon those who are innocent. Anyone who slaughters an innocent and helpless human embryo or fetus, even if he or she has been conceived from the terrible crime of rape, has committed a death worthy crime against the innocent, and God requires that such a one should also be put to death by the government.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tues., January 4, 2000


A person approached me recently and asked straightforwardly whether I truly believe in the virgin birth of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In other words, he wanted to know whether I truly believe Christ was truly conceived in the womb of Mary apart from her having conceived through the seed of man. My answer to that person was an emphatic YES!

In all reality, that is one of the most ludicrous questions a person can ask, particularly in view of who the Lord Jesus Christ really is. It reveals the spiritual ignorance and blindness of the unregenerate mind. No person who understands who the Lord Jesus Christ really is would ever think about asking such a question. It reveals that heathens erroneously consider Him to be mere man whose father was earthly.

In order to understand how the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ took place, one must first truthfully realize the true existence of the ALMIGHTY GOD - the One from whom nothing is impossible. Apart from the true existence of the OMNIPOTENT GOD, it is impossible not only to imagine that which is impossible for the creature to accomplish as being a reality, but also for the reality of the virgin birth to actually have become a reality. That which appears impossible becomes meaningless when you are familiar with Him who has the power and wisdom to do all things.

Secondly, one must understand who the Lord Jesus Christ truly is. He is not mere man, but also GOD MOST HIGH, and therefore it is necessary to understand that a mere man, not even a man more righteous than Joseph can cause to be conceived the ALMIGHTY GOD in human flesh.

Third, it is also necessary to understand the PREEXISTENCE of the Lord Jesus Christ. He existed throughout all eternity past before he took upon human flesh. No human can cause to be conceived one who already exists. The virgin birth of Christ did not produce the beginning of the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ. The holy conception was the ancient ever existing One who, at the time He prescribed, took upon human flesh.

Fourth, one must understand the absolute sinlessness and holiness of the human flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ in sharp contrast to the total depravity and high criminality of human flesh. Since He is totally innocent and sinless, the human flesh in which the Holy Spirit caused Him to be conceived could not have resulted from human propagation, since original human depravity is immutably passed on from the first man Adam to all his posterity through human propagation.

Fifth, when one understands and considers the enormous wisdom and power it takes to bring salvation to the elect of mankind, it becomes instantly clear that the Lord Jesus Christ had to be both GOD and MAN. No salvation can be had through the measly, ignorant and depraved efforts of anyone conceive through human propagation.

Behold the GREAT and ALMIGHTY GOD whom I serve!

Written by Robert T. Lee on Thur., June 24, 1999


One sad thing about the first amendment to the American constitution is it tends to mask and blur the proper recognizable symptoms of the various forms of mental illnesses among America's inhabitants. Since the first amendment allows the formation and expression of every form of bizarre belief, the various forms of expressed psychoses tend to be viewed not as mental illnesses, but as beliefs, religions or opinions inhabitants of America have a so-called constitutional right to express or embrace.

The first amendment does not allow the mentally deranged person to sharply perceive his mental abnormality but deludes him into thinking his abnormality is a normal difference. If the seriously mentally ill person can function in the society without physically harming himself or others, it is possible for him to convince other like-minded psychotics to follow his psychotic beliefs. By virtue of their psychoses, they are unable to perceive the true psychotic symptoms expressed by the mentally ill person they are following and they are unable to perceive evidence of phychosis in his beliefs. They therefore embrace his expressed delusions as truths.

If he gains a recognizable following from other like-minded people, his mental illness tends to cease to be recognized as a mental illness by those whose minds are supposed to be sounder, especially if the sounder minds can somehow benefit politically or monetarily. A mentally deranged person with schizophrenia who can successfully gain a following and who makes a notable amount of money from his psychotic beliefs, delusions and paranoia should not, however, be regarded as one who has turned his illness into something positive. In every case, wherein groups of like-minded schizophreniacs form a fraternal order, religious group, special interest group, business partnership etc., there have been and are serious negative and often detrimental impacts upon the society. It is impossible for anyone to cite a single case wherein a mentally ill person has made a truly positive effect upon society by virtue of gaining a following to his mental illness. Only those of a like mind are deluded into thinking such a person has or is making worthwhile contributions to society by virtue of his mental sickness.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Sun., April 25, 1999


Have you noticed that when the proper solution to any particular problem in america is suggested or proposed, the solution is always unconstitutional. In every case, the constitution steps between the problem or plague and its proper solution to prevent the problem from being properly solved. All who follow the principles of the constitution and its amendments always see a constitutional problem with every proper solution and have difficulty agreeing with the solution.

Therefore whenever those who adhere to the principles of the constitution ask, "What should be done to solve the problem?" their answer is always, "I don't know." Or, whatever constitutional solution is agreed upon always turn out to be both foolish and ineffective in properly solving the problem.

The constitution prevents proper laws from being made that will solve the plagues and ills of america. It prevents the government from making laws that will effectively remove its plagues and ills from the american society.

It's clear that one of america's greatest plagues is its own constitution and amendments? They make america somewhat like a person who has been involved in a terrible car accident and has received terrible head trauma, broken arms, broken legs and is unconscious. But rescue personnel, paramedics, law enforcers and bystanders are against the terribly injured person being taken to an emergency room in order that effort may be made to save his life. Since they reject the only sensible solution that should address the injured person's condition, they know of nothing else that can rightly be done for the person. They are therefore confounded as to what should be done for the person. So, every other suggestion or action turns out to be absolutely ludicrous.

America's situation when seeking to solve the ills and plagues of the society is also like a man who has many plants that have been deprived of the sunlight and are pale and withering as a result. The constitution typifies the darkness in which the man sees fit to religiously grows his plants. On the other hand, the sunlight typifies God's righteousness the man has deprived the plants of. The only sensible cure for the plants is for the man to place them in the sunlight. However, since the darkness of the constitution is the law or principles by which the owner sees fit to grow his plants, and since he knows that the constitution is both antithetical to the light of God's righteousness and prohibits the use of God's light, he perceives that it is "unconstitutional" for him to place the plants in the sun. Therefore, in order to "keep the law" or remain true to the constitution, he rejects the light which is the proper and most sensible cure for the proper growth of his plants. So he seeks to find another solution. In doing so, he is either confounded as to what to do for the plants or he tries other less effective or foolish methods in effort to make his plants grow healthy.

Wherever there is a problem in any area of the american society, those who serve in government and in leadership positions are unable to properly solve the problem. The reason is because the constitution causes them to reject the proper solution because the solution is always moral in nature. The constitution and its amendments are antithetical to God's morality. Thus those who have sworn or affirmed to uphold the constitution and those who live by its principles are prevented from exercising common sense, wisdom and righteous actions on behalf of the american society and the world community.


Written by Robert T. Lee on Sat., January 30, 1999


pope john paul II, even at 78, is a fool and those who look up to him and are influenced by him are even bigger fools. He is from satan and every worship service he has ever conducted was done unto satan. This man isn't a worthy leader for anything that is good. He isn't even worthy to be called "john paul". He is a high criminal who deserves the greatest sentence government can inflict and eternal hell from God, the punishment he is sure to get after he dies.

It would do well for his foolish sympathizers in america and in the world over to understand that this man is indeed an emissary of satan and is therefore a great deceiver. He proved this fact in many ways during his recent six-day journey to the Americas.

One of the first things he did was to make a foolish challenge to the United States to use its political might to make the world a better place. Anyone who understands how terribly heathen america is knows that it doesn't have the moral ability to make the world a better place. It is the worse nation on earth and has more crime than all the industrial nations put to together. When he said that power is service not a privilege, what he really meant was that satan has given america its great power to serve satan.

When the pope arrived in St. Louis and met with President Clinton, he avoided making mention of the president's heinous sins with Monica Lewinsky, the lies and deception he has given the american citizens and the world community, and the many other evils the president has and is commiting. If the pope was a truly godly man, he would not have walked hand-in-hand with Vice President Al Gore, and he would not have met with president Clinton. But he would have publicly condemned him using the strongest of words. His design in meeting the president was to swing his weight to keep him from getting impeached.

The pope claims to be against abortion and euthanasia - two means by which america murders the innocent. He even stated that the United States faces a moral test over abortion and euthanasia. But one of the supreme instances wherein he contradicted himself and proved to be of satan is when He condemned God's death penalty for murders. He called the death penalty ``cruel and unnecessary'' which amounts to calling God cruel. Those words are almost identical to those found in one of the amendments to the satanic american constitution. Therefore the pope proved he is indeed an emissary of satan by exalting heathen satanic law over God's law. God's law says the murderer should die (Genesis 9:5-6; Exodus 21:12: Leviticus 24:17; Numbers 35:29-31). Satan's law says the murderer should be "spared". There is no place in the Bible wherein God says to give death worthy criminals the chance to reform.

But the reason why the pope condemned the death penalty was to use his weight to sway Gov. Mel Carnahan to commute the death sentence of convicted murderer Darrell Mease to life without parole. In other words, eventually releasing this murderer back into society when it is thought by a blind pardon and parole board that he has been reformed. By the pope condemning God's death penalty, saying death worthy criminals should be spared, and making the appeal to release a murderer, he in essence joined death worthy criminals.

Governor Carnahan also is a big fool for communtig the sentence. In reaching his decision, he said he "took into account the extraordinary circumstances of the pope's request and the historical significance of the papal visit to St. Louis and the state of Missouri." He said further that he would "continue to support capital punishment, but after careful consideration of his direct and personal appeal and because of a deep and abiding respect for the pontiff and all he represents, I decided last night to grant his request.'' These are words of a fool and the words of a man who is not worthy to serve as governor or any position of public trust.

Darrel Mease was convicted of murdering a drug partner and two others in southwest Missouri in 1988. He was scheduled to die Wednesday January 27, 1999. His execution was postponed in December by the Missouri Supreme Court, because of the pope's visit to St. Louis. The execution had been rescheduled for Feb. 10. What the pope has gotten for this man is not justice, but injustice. Therefore he as well as the governor should be numbered with death worthy criminals.

People, please wake up. pope john paul is of satan, catholicism is of the same and there are no worthy leaders in america. What are you going to do about it?

"All of the presidents, dignitaries and prelates who met with the pope are also big fools."

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tue. October 18, 1998


As a minister, I've been asked how I feel about the recent incident in Laramie, Wyomin in which two guys allegedly severely beat the homosexual who later died . This is my response:

Homosexuality is a heinous crime atleast equal to murder. Since it is so, God has made all governments responsible to impose a negative sentiment and a holy indignation within the societies against homosexuality and to sentence all homosexuals to death (Leviticus 20:13). But america rejects the responsiblity God requires of it and foolishly protects the crime of homosexuality as a so-called "right."

However, even though america refuses to impose the death penalty against homosexuality, that does not give private citizens the right to take the law in their own hands unless their lives or welfare are threatened by gays.

Reliable accounts say that the homosexual made a pass towards one of the men, which only rightly inflamed the wrath of the men who beat him. Therefore, although the two men are guilty of taking the law into their own hands by beating the homosexual, yet by so doing, they did far better than the government by helping get rid of one who should have been put to death by the government.

The crime those men committed is not a heinous one - certainly not as heinous as homosexuality. The sentence they will receive should be a very light one since they removed a small piece of the heinous homosexual plague from the society that should have been removed by the government.

It is not that these men severely beat an innocent person. But they beat a high criminal in the sight of God as a result of this homosexual criminal making a pass at one of them. The homosexual really got what he deserved. Gays have rightfully lost their right to life by virtue of their homosexuality.

God, mankind's Creator, who knows what is best for mankind simply because He is their Creator, says, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them" (Leviticus 20:13).

Now when is the government going to start doing what it is suppose to do?

Written by Robert T. Lee on Tue. September 22, 1998


Whatever arguments true Christianity and paganism (i.e. atheism and all other heathen beliefs) have against one another, the ones they must convince are the the governments.

But even if the governments cannot be convinced by true Christianity to acknowledge their responsibility to God and they continue to side with heathenism, Christianity knows that it ultimately has the Almighty King and His government on its side. And paganism ultimately has no real advocate or a chance at continual existence.

In this world, true Christianity will never be able to convince the god and king of this world, namely satan - the author of all the heathen beliefs. That makes it appear to those who have lack of understanding as if Christianity is losing the battle.

Therefore paganism will be deceived by its seeming present victories and strength, and it will, in deep deception, haughtily laugh and wag its head at true Christianity to its own destruction.

Written by Robert T. Lee on SAT. August 8, 1998


Now that you have returned back to school,

you will be taught further to be a big fool;

You will become even haughtier and filled with more pride,

because the old serpent is your real professor or "educated" guide;

You will be instructed in the atheism of "educated" heathens,

To work for satan in and out of season;

This time around you may receive your degree,

to work in the field of the world against true Christianity.

Written by Robert T. Lee on SAT. June 27, 1998


"Dad - Mom, do I really have to go to school? I don't want to go to school. I hate school!"


Children are echoing that sentiment across America daily. In many cases, it is because of the mental and physical abuse they must endure in public and even some private schools. If it was known that they were experiencing the same abuse in their homes, the government would quickly remove them from their homes.

Parents who have children taught by atheists, homosexuals, pedophiles and taught against God's morals and truths, or harassed, taunted, threatened, raped, beat up and injured, shot or murdered in public schools, should be able to sue the schools and the government on the basis that compulsory school attendance is a danger, or was fatal to their children's mental and physical well being, so that by having been forced to send their children to atheistic and dangerous schools, their health and lives were placed in jeopardy, and therefore compulsory dangerous school attendance is child abuse by the government.

Parents should refuse to send their children to public schools until the government can ensure the mental and physical well being and protection of the lives of their children.

Written by Robert T. Lee on SUN June 1, 1998


The method physicians must use to check the prostrate glands of males during legitimate medical examinations is quite a repulsive method to sound minds even when it is absolutely necessary.

Because of the nature of the method, it is more appropriate that male doctors perform the tests rather than female physicians. Its not a test female physicians ought to perform.

The same principle holds true for the practice of obstetrics and gynecology. Male physicians have no God-given right to practice obstetrics and gynecology. Those are fields of medical practice which should be reserved strictly for females.

Each time any female visits a male obstetrician or gynecologist, she is sexually violated by that "doctor," whether he copulates with her or not. Married women actually commit adultery whenever they reveal their nakedness and is touched or "examined" by male physicians.

Male physicians practicing obstetrics and gynecology in America is a good example of how the american constitution - the first amendment thereof - actually legitimizes criminality and immorality. It violates the honor of marriage and blurrs or removes moral borders which no citizen should cross.

Written by Robert T. Lee on SUN April 5, 1998

"Guns of whatever type do not make people feel vunerable or kill them, but peoples' constitutional beliefs do."


The great felt sense of need for guns for protection from one another and the ever increasing use of them by the inhabitants of america are indisputable witnesses against the american constitution, its amendments and its system of democracy. These witnesses loudly testify to the fact that americaís constitution and democracy are great failures -- they do not properly serve the american people and therefore are no good for them!

As the real immoral meaning of the constitution and its amendments emerges, and as america constantly declares independence from the so-called "restrictiveness" of Godís morality, crime in the truest and total sense of the word has and is becoming rampant. This proves that the constitution does not have the power to curb evil, nor does it make any of americaís inhabitants feel safe.

Rather, the constitution opens the floodgates of destructive thoughts, opinions and deeds, and therefore does it make americaís inhabitants feel quite vulnerable. Americaís constitution, its amendments and democracy have proved to be great liabilities to the american people. They are actually a threat to every american inhabitant.

Hence, many of the heathen inhabitants, including youths, turn to another source to help pacify, but wrongly, their need for security. That source is the almighty GUN! When a system of government fails a people as terribly as the american system has, the inhabitants of america feel the need to take the law into their own hands.

This proves again that there is no true wisdom in the principles of the american constitution. It also proves that particularly the first amendment ill serves america. They are testimonies of americaís ignorance, foolishness and total depravity.

The light in the hand of the statue of liberty ought to be changed to a great smoking gun. The platform on which the statue stands should be changed to a black casket. This would serve not only as a memorial for all the inhabitants who have been victimized by guns; but the three would also stand as great monuments of what america and democracy are all about.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Let the reader note that I stated that the FIRST AMENDMENT of americaís constitution ill serves america. I did not say anything about the second amendment. Guns of whatever types do not make people feel vunerable or kill them, but peoplesí beliefs do. It is because of peoplesí first amendment so-called "rights" to believe whatever heathen ideology they desire thatís a major cause of people pulling the triggers on their guns and killing one another. This is true whether they do so in the commission of a crime or in protecting themselves. Whenever an inhabitant shoots another, he is ultimately shooting the american constitution that has made him feel vulnerable or angry and the person he shoots is shot by the constitution.

Because of the varied heathen beliefs, opinions, ideologies, philosophies and etc., allowed by the constitution, there is constant friction, disagreement and disputes among americaís heathen inhabitants.

There is the foolish notion that people have the right to entertain whatever opinion or philosophy they desire, but they do not have the right to practice them if they are harmful or destructive.

Do people who entertain that heathen idea actually believe that people are not going to practice what they have the right to believe? Whatever a person does always proceed from his belief system except when coerced contrary to his beliefs.

The heathen founding fathers of america had perception enough to know great conflict among americaís citizen would result because of the practice of the FIRST AMENDMENT, hence, one reason for the second amendment. Some of the founding fathers even used guns to settle their disputes in duels.

Besides manís total depravity, the FIRST AMENDMENT in america is the real culprit, because it fosters insanity and kindles the fires of hatred and conflict which result in people pulling the triggers of their guns. Get rid of the first amendment and there will be no felt need for the second amendment.

Written by Robert T. Lee on Wed Mar 11 11:27:00 1998
Citizens and aliens of America of every philosophical and religious persuasion on American soil find just cause for seeking means that will protect them and their loved ones from the poisonous effects the satanic american constitution and its amendments are having upon america and the world community.

Take for example the demand for certain means to protect children from the terrible immorality and excrement found on the Internet, in the movie industry, in the record industry, etc. This demand is voiced even among some of the greatest champions of the constitution. However, not one of them will straightforwardly and boldly express the obvious implications this demand suggests about the depraved nature of the constitution and its amendments.

For the benefit of rationalizing "educated" patriots who donít have the ability to agree with truth or to digest what I am saying, simply because they have been blinded by the spirit of the constitution, let me try to explain using elementary logic: Anything from which you or your loved ones must rightly be protected should rightly be regarded as being evil or dangerous, and being thus, it should be regarded as having no right to existence.

It is because of the heathen first amendment to the american constitution that immorality and all kinds of ungodlinesss thrive in the american society. The constitution gives legal existence to immorality and vanity. It legitimizes that which is dangerous to anyone dwelling on American soil. Since there is a perceived need to protect kids (as well as everyone else) from the legal but poisonous fruit of the first amendment, the constitution is what citizens and aliens ultimately are being protected from. And since the constitution is detrimental to the welfare and proper moral development of kids, the rightful conclusion is that the constitution is a depraved and dangerous document which has no right to existence.

I am quite aware that this line of logic is difficult for even the most highly educated american patriots to swallow, but they should try hard to perceive the truth of it. Because its truth is evidenced by their own felt need to protect themselves from many of the dangers the constitution legalizes or encourages.

One of the most insane paradoxes practiced by champions of the constitution is that they all fight strongly to keep a heathen and dangerous charter and its amendments firmly established, while they demand means to protect themselves and their loved ones from its evil fruit. They revere the constitution even while it is a threat to them or causes them harm. If one must protect himself from the fruit of a dangerous charter, the sensible thing to do is to get rid it. Their foolish reverence for the constitution which is expressed while they also seek cover from its dangers is like giving a conscienceless worthless person the legal right to shoot them while they seek to protect themselves from the damage that can be done by the gunshot.

The american constitution and its amendments are not right for anyone. They are a serious threat to the moral and physical well-being of every inhabitant of america and the world community. This fact is evidenced in many ways. When any inhabitant finds himself overcome by its evil influence, he will be rightly diagnosed as having constitutional aides. This constitutional virus is what blinds them and makes them unable to agree with truth. It causes them to be in great conflict with truth and righteousness. It causes them to become great advocates and perpetuators of immorality, deception, smut, and ultimately, death.

The American constitution is a dangerous document to all the inhabitants of america. America should therefore legally annul the constitution and its amendments and establish the TEN COMMANDMENTS as the SUPREME LAWS OF THE LAND. The TEN COMMANDMENTS are the only perfect and righteous Laws in all of God's creation made for mankind. There is nothing in them that is a danger to any person. If the TEN COMMANDMENTS were established as the supreme laws of the land, no person would rightfully have to seek any kind of means or legislation to protect themselves from the righteous fruit they would produce in the society. The only people who would see the TEN COMMANDMENTS as a threat to themselves are those who are true criminals.

Written by Robert T. Lee on January 26, 1998
There is no such thing as "cruel and unusual punishment" when the punishment meted out by the government is just and fits the crime.

Punishment becomes cruel only when those who are innocent in Godís sight are punished, and when people who commit petty crimes receive punishment thatís excessive or beyond the weight of the crimes.

There is nothing morally wrong with UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT as long as the innocent does not receive it and as long as it equals the weight of the crime committed by the guilty.

But when any person practices a crime that is worthy of death, there is indeed no cruel way for the government to inflict just death. Any means or method is justifiable. A death-worthy criminal has no just claim over any particular way his death must be inflicted, because he has no rights.

This fact is amply illustrated by the manifold ways God inflicts death upon the human race as a result of them having violated His Moral Law in the first man Adam. The fact that death is due nullifies any cruelty in the methods by which God inflicts it. One of the most painful and horrifying methods to die is by crucifixion, and God crucified His only begotten Son on behalf of His ELECT.

No one ever speaks of a cruel and unusual method of taking the life of a person while rightly defending oneís own life. And no one ever speaks of a cruel and unusual way to kill the enemy in rightful war.

What the leading heathen anti-moral special interests groups of America want to do based on their rightly interpreting the heathen American Constitution and its amendments is completely destroy the death penalty in effort to make it appear "UNUSUAL." And once they have created a moonstruck society wherein the death penalty appears usual, it is a simple matter to make it appear as "cruel."

"Cruel and unusual punishment" is a totally heathen concept conceived and perpetuated by moral criminals. Such a concept should be hotly rejected by sane and godly minds. It is a concept which is a brazen rejection of the holy justice of God as revealed in the holy Scriptures and the righteousness presented therein, which describes the ways God requires the worldís governments to decorously punish their criminals. An "eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise," and stoning the one that deserves death is righteousness and justice, not cruelty.

But since heathen moral criminals run the american society by the heathen anti-moral american constitution, such punishment has certainly become "UNUSUAL."


Copyright 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee