Society for the Practical
Establishment and Perpetuation
of the

Community Leaders

The most powerful and influential community leader is government. It leads by its policies, laws and actions. A nation which rejects God's laws and espouses manmade and demonic laws is an unworthy leader of the society. When a nation is founded upon proper laws, it is impossible for there to be a separation of church and state. Thus a nation which embraces proper laws, namely the laws of God, sets the proper example which shows that even the highest institution of society must be ruled by God. By demonstratinging the proper leadership to the public of the necessity of the union of state and Church, shows proper leadership in the worship of God and the espousal of Jesus. When a government properly embraces God's laws and is properly united with the Church and its proper teachings, the state and church become leaders before the public in sending signals as to the righteous moral qualities those who would serve in goverment must possess. By chosing men with proper moral qualities, the state and church chooses proper leader of dthe society and sets before the public the example of the type moral qualities the public should immulate.



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