Copyright 1998 by: Robert T. Lee

Thank you for visiting our Bible studies:

Bible study is one of the most important responsibilities God has given His elect. It is through Bible study that God reveals much about Himself, our responsibilites to Him, and our responsibility to our fellow man. Without Bible study, we cannot understand our proper duties as followers of Christ. It is through Bible study, if done properly, we receive the wisdom and understanding meant for righteous human beings.

The Bible studies we will be presenting comes from the studies and teaching of Robert T. Lee which he has performed over the past 25 years. As a starter, we have chosen to present his studies in Genesis chapter 1. We hope you will follow these studies carefully and look up the Scriptural references supplied.

We will try to update these studies weekly.

We are sure that these studies will be quite edifying and refreshing to all who love God's word. May God open our eyes that we may behold wonderous things from His word.

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