Even though the Declaration of Independence is a heathen document, yet it rightly claim that human embryos and fetuses are equally human.

     "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

     True followers of Christ do not share the conventional interpretation of those words given them by liberals, moderates nor conservatives, whether such people are religious or non-religious. Nor do they share the view the author of those words had of them. What true followers of Christ are concerned with is the absolute truth of those words, and the proper practice of them, as opposed to what they meant in the mind of their author and how he hypocritically practiced them and as opposed to the interpretation America gives them and how it also hypocritically practices them.

     Consider any circumstance, condition, position and etc., of men and it will be perceived that it is not true that all are created equal. Their mental capacities, physical abilities, educational backgrounds, social status' and etc., are all unequal. The only corporeal sense in which all are created equal is in their humanity: All men are created equally human beings.

     Although Thomas Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, yet that great dissimulator also owned slaves. He, the Continental Congress and the colonies did not recognize blacks and Indians as having been created equally human with Anglo- Saxons, but rather as "savages."

     Jefferson included in an early draft of the Declaration a passage that assailed not the unequal treatment of blacks, but the importation of too many slaves into especially the southern colonies by the British authorities and slave traders. But the passage was protested by the Southern delegates because they depended on slaves for their labor force. Furthermore, "The Continental Congress needed the support of all the colonies in its fight with Britain and had the passage struck from the document."

     Therefore, it was selfish economic and political reasons that provided the incentives for the Continental Congress and the colonies to refuse to recognize blacks and others as being equally human, despite the truth of their equality.

     That is a fact which should be duly noted by every American. The manifestations in history of man's total depravity have a strange way of repeating themselves under different faces. When history repeats itself, it does so somewhat like an equation. One side of an equation does not look like the other. However, both are the same. Latter generations may read and be taught of how one side of an equation of depravity took place in past history, and during their day, actually experience the heinousness of the other side. But because it has taken on a different and unrecognizable form, they fail to recognize it as a repeat.

     Innocent and helpless human embryos and fetuses in America, having been legally declared as non-humans while yet in the womb, so that Americans may have the evil so-called "freedom" to deliberately abort (murder) them is history repeating itself with a different face, but in an exceedingly more heinous form.

     "...all men are created equal." In all rightness, those words apply to every human embryo and fetus as well. The people who argue for the so-called "right" to murder them make the Declaration apply to them only after they have been born. But in their embryonic state, they are closest in age to the moment they were actually conceived or "created." The Declaration does not state "...all men are born equal," but "...all men are CREATED EQUAL" Human embryos and fetuses who are considered as candidates to be aborted are all CREATED INSIDE THE WOMB.

     And because they are human at the earliest of conception, they are as equally human as everyone else who are rightly regarded as human. They therefore rightly fall under the protection of sane and righteous law, despite any economic and political incentives which compel blind and cold-hearted America to declare and regard them as non-humans.

     These are "truths" which are indeed "self evident." But for selfish and unloving reasons, they are rejected by blind and coldhearted liberals, moderates, rationalizing conservatives and people gullible enough to agree with such heinous insanity.

     "...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." That word "unalienable" means "incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred." Therefore the Declaration states that men are endowed by God with certain rights that can never be alienated from them or surrendered or transferred - that there is no circumstance or situation which can rightly take away their God-given rights.

     In all rightness, that should not hold absolutely true for people who have reached their level of accountability in God's sight and who are adults. These are capable of performing heinous acts which rightly clamor for the surrendering of their life, liberty and happiness as just punishment for their crimes.

     But it doesn't take much to perceive that among no other people does these words hold absolutely true than among innocent and helpless humans in their embryonic and fetal states. As long as the words "unalienable rights" are in the Declaration, they will always have prime reference to innocent human embryos and fetuses, because they are incapable of performing any act which would rightly clamor for a surrendering of their God-given rights. Their rights to life and etc., are unalienable indeed and therefore to terminate their lives in every case is an unjust denial of their rights - the height of criminal homicide, which warrants the height of wrath from sane government and a decorous-minded public. All who believe in, have had and perform abortions for any reason should be regarded by the government and the public as high criminals who should bare the just punishment of death.

     The economic and political incentives which caused even the author of the Declaration of Independence to refuse to recognize the equal humanity of nonwhites is not as heinous a crime as the same incentives causing modern America to legally declare innocent humans in their weakest and most innocent state as non-humans in order to freely murder them. The latter is far worse than the former. Yet, those who condemn early America the strongest for its unequal treatment of nonwhites are the staunchest advocates and supporters of abortion legislation.

     The depraved economic interests of powerful people of a nation, coupled with the depraved political incentives of government officials are very powerful forces that often establish laws that deny even the most innocent and helpless humans their basic God-given rights, even when there are opposing moral forces endeavoring to stop such legislation. The move to make laws based on economics and politics is always an immoral force more powerful than the power of those who fight for moral causes. Nevertheless the battle against abortion must be waged strictly on a moral basis making it highly unrewarding to have abortions.

     "to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men..." It is the duty of the American government to protect the rights of innocent human embryos and fetuses. If the government doesn't do so , who will? Human embryos and fetuses cannot secure their own rights to life. It should not be left up to some special interest group to seek their protection, and the government should not allow any foolish deep-pocketed special interest group to petition and lobby it for removal of the rights of innocent human beings. It should be illegal for abortion-rights advocates to exist. And it should be illegal for any attorney to plead their cases before the government and illegal for any court to hear any case from them. Abortion -rights advocates should not be able to use the government as their servant to turn its unjustifiable wrath against those who plead for the just rights of innocent embryos and fetuses. The wrath of the government should instead be directed towards anyone in favor of abortion.

     "...that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of those ends,..." America's government has become destructive to the rights of the unborn. It refuses to protect the God-given rights of the most innocent and helpless on earth. It even directs its wrath against those who petition it to protect the rights of the unborn. And it refuses to condemn and punish abortion advocates.

     Therefore " is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to..." God will definitely effect their safety and happiness.


Innocent human embryos and fetuses need legal human and citizenship status

They have no legal status as being human even though they are very much human; no status as citizens even though they are natives; no legal identification certificates, numbers or names.

Their parents, particularly their fathers have no legal claim on them as being their progeny, even though they are their biological offspring; their relatives can't legally claim them as their kin.

Although they are very much alive, they are treated with less honor than the dead; nobody mourns over them when they are murdered, no funerals are held for them; they have no graves.

They have no legal protection from harm under the law, even though they are very much helpless. Presidents, legislators, judges, governors, senators, mayors, police, doctors, nurses, lawyers, professors, teachers, executives, fathers, mothers and etc, old or young, rich or poor are all arrayed in battle against them. Just charges cannot be brought before the government against their murderers, and so, none of their murderers are punished. The governments themselves are their worst enemies. They are hated without a just cause. Who are they? Alas, innocent and helpless human embryos and fetuses.

It is quite an understatement to say that the fight to save the lives of innocent and helpless human embryos and fetuses has been a losing battle. Many who have fought have blindly directed their energy and resources in the wrong directions. Others have terribly undermined their fight by insisting that induced abortions should be illegal for some cases while keeping it legal for others.

That is a terrible, terrible compromise. When seeking to save the lives of innocent human beings, there's no justifiable reason for compromise. The proper fight against abortion is never a moderate nor political issue. Those who say that abortion should be kept legal for any reason whatsoever may as well join their radically liberal enemies, because they have done nothing more than help establish their satanic cause.

The issue of keeping abortion legal for certain cases undermines any effort to induce the governments to legally recognize the true humanity of human embryos and fetuses. They may never be regarded by the governments as being human as long as there is any kind of reason to deliberately murder them. In the eyes of the governments, that would be denying human beings their right to life. If governments were to begin to regard human embryos and fetuses as humans, abortion for any reason would have to also be regarded as homicide.

This proves that those who take a moderate position on abortion - who believe women should have the legal freedom to murder their despised embryos and fetuses that result from rape, incest, or those babies who are hypothesized to be a threat to the lives of their mothers are absolutely wrong. The "moderate" position is nothing more than a highly hypocritical and unloving satanic position hiding under sheep's clothing. It is the most diabolical position on abortion. As a result, many so-called "christians" have the blood of innocent babies on their hands, and stand accused as murderers before the very God they claim to worship.

There are three basic principles which nullify any so-called justification for induced abortions. First, the fact of the UTTER HUMANITY of human embryos and fetuses. Humans produce humans at the earliest of conception. Second, the fact of their UTTER CORPOREAL INNOCENCE. No sane law ever condemns to death the innocent for any reason. Death should only fall upon a human by the deliberate hands of man as the wages of sin or high crime in the sight of God. Third, there is therefore never a justifiable case that demands that they be deliberately put to death. Their right to life is an "unalienable" right indeed. These are the areas in which the fight against abortion should be concentrated.

The battle against deliberately induced abortions may, however, never be won. Because the powers of evil bent on murdering the despised unborn are fueled by very deep prevailing deception and strong economic, political and deeply depraved incentives. Therefore the evil corporeal powers for abortion are greater than those against it.

But even if the battle can never be won, it must never be abandoned, and must always be fought on principles superior to those that have abortion in effect - very rare qualities such as genuine love for the weakest and helpless of humanity. The fight against abortion must also be fought using the principles of truth, justice and righteousness.

The goal of the battle is to get america and the world to begin to legally recognize truths that are "self-evident," which is the humanity of human embryos and fetuses and their legal innocence in the eyes of sane law (truths which are not understood in the elite universities), and to give them their rightful status as legal citizens of the united states and the world community.

If this can be accomplished, hopefully their right to life will be protected by the governments and the application of just criminal sanctions to deter deliberately induced abortions will be put in place, so that the wrath of the government will be turned from hating human embryos and fetuses to all who would harm the least hair on them.

If you truly have compassion and love for innocent human embryos and fetuses, I appeal to you to not sit idly and allow their slaughter to continue without some type of rightful endeavor to prevent it. You do not have to join or financially support any anti-abortion organization. But you can do all you can in endeavor to convince the public, lawmakers and world leaders to agree with the fact of the humanity of human embryos and fetuses, and let them know of the wrongfulness of their so-called lawful murder.

In america, work must be done to properly educate and change the attitude of the public and to get lawmakers to make laws concerning the legal recognition of the humanity of all human embryos and fetuses. If such a goal is reached, here's a rough sketch of how the laws should affect the public:

When a female first realizes she has conceived, a law should be in place which would require her to immediately inform either her spouse, parents, other anti abortion legal guardians or closest relatives. The law should also require her to visit a female physician, hospital or clinic in order that a physician can both confirm the conception and fill out legal documents required by the government that would give the embryo legal status as a citizen of the united states and world community. The embryo should receive both a legal identification number and what might be called a "conception certificate." Thus the age of humans would no longer be determined by the day they are born, but from the time they are conceived, the latter reflecting the true age of the person.

If more than one embryo has been conceived, other identification numbers and certificates should be assigned to them accordingly, and the appropriate paperwork filled out also establishing their citizenship status.

The law would require both the rich and the poor to register their conception with the government. The records concerning their embryos should then be housed and reviewed by a department of the government until the month the female actually gives birth and the date should be recorded.

If while reviewing a particular case the government discovers there is no date of live birth, an investigation should take place to discover all who were involved in the murder of the embryo or fetus, and all should bear, without partiality, the punishment of death for the murder of the infant.

If for some reason the embryo or fetus dies in the woman's womb, an investigation should take place to determine the cause of death. If any person, including the mother, caused the death, that person should bear the just punishment of death.

All human embryos and fetuses conceived in the united states by legal citizens of the united states should instantly become citizens of america and should remain in the united sates until they are born. The parents may change their citizenship, but the mother should not be allowed to leave the country until after she gives birth.

Embryos and fetuses conceived by females who are legal citizens of other countries and whose father is the same should not become citizens unless the parents themselves becomes citizens. However, in any case, the mother should not be allowed to leave the country until after she has given birth.

Embryos and fetuses conceived by females who are legal citizens of other countries and whose father is an american citizen should become citizens of america at conception, and their mothers should not be allowed to leave the country until after they are born. The babies' citizenships should be allowed to be changed only after they are born.

No citizen of another nation who has had an abortion should be allowed to become a citizen of the united states.

All doctors who have performed abortions before these laws are brought into effect would lose their status as a doctors and cannot practice in any field of medicine. The same should apply to nurses and others health care workers.

All manufacture of abortion equipment would be illegal.

No foreigner can enter the united States to receive an abortion.

Any abortion advocate will be jailed, banished from the nation or put to death.

All who participate in underground abortion clinics will be put to death.

Anyone who leaves the country to perform any number of abortions instantly loses their american citizenship.

All females leaving the united states to visit another country must be tested by the government for pregnancy. All pregnant females must remain in the country until they give birth.



What is the most important factor that distinguishes human embryos and fetuses from those of animals?

Unlike animals, human embryos and fetuses are conceived by the fertilization of human eggs by human sperm.

But most importantly, human embryos and fetuses are not merely multiplying cells or "tissue" attached to the womb. They also receive from God, at the time of their conception, individual and personal souls (I Thessalonians 5:23). Their souls are what give them life and make them precious human beings at the earliest of conception and throughout all stages of their growth and development.

"Incomplete" physical, mental and spiritual development at conception and during the early weeks thereafter in no way imply that human embryos and fetuses are not human beings. There are many humans who are not fully developed even after spending nine months in the womb - missing fingers, arms, legs and etc.

Many humans who have lived some twenty, thirty, fifty, seventy and etc., years are not fully developed physically, mentally or spiritually.

Even many who have acquired so-called "higher education" have never developed common sense, nor have they grown spiritually since the time they were embryos.

If human embryos and fetuses should be declared non humans because of their lack of development, then "educated" people who have not developed common sense to recognize that human embryos and fetuses are humans should be declared to be non humans.

Human embryos and fetuses inability to survive on their own outside of the uterus during the first twenty weeks of their growth and development in no way imply they are not human beings.

There are many humans at various ages after having been born who cannot survive without outside support. In fact, all humans, including all who are in favor of abortions, have always had to rely upon sources outside of themselves for survival. Some people even make their "livelihood" wrongly by performing abortions, working at abortion clinics, advertising abortion services and etc.

If the inability of human embryos and fetuses to sustain their lives in and of themselves declares them to be non humans, then any person who must rely on any outside source for survival should be declared the same, particularly people who favor abortions and wrongly make their livelihood off them.

If at any point during the growth and development of human embryos and fetuses their lives are foolishly terminated by "induced" abortions, for any reason whatsoever, it is not merely the termination of the life of growing "tissue." But because they are endowed with souls, it is the termination of the physical lives of helpless and innocent human beings. Therefore, induced abortions are none other than the cold-blooded murder of the most helpless and innocent.

The innocence of a human is an advocate for his life, not his death. No one on earth has more God-given right to life than the innocent. True justice rightly clamors for the death of a human only after he has committed a death worthy crime against God's Moral Law (Romans 6:23). Human embryos and fetuses are not capable of practicing any type crime.

How much more helpless must infants be before people realize that tender care, protection and compassion should be shown to them? How much more innocent must infants be before it is realized that true corporeal justice does not clamor for their deaths? No humans are more helpless and corporeally innocent than human embryos and fetuses.

The refusal to protect, love and show tender compassion, from the heart, for the most helpless and human beings is itself inhumane and highly criminal in the sight of God. Therefore, any person who harbors the criminal sentiment that people should have the so-called "right" to have abortions, and those who perform the criminal act of making laws in favor of abortions, who enforce laws in favor of them, who induces anyone to have them, who actually performs them, who are accessories in any way to them, who actually obtain them and etc, are guilty before God of the cruelest murder, and deserve the infliction of death by the hands of proper government authorities - the very sentence they inflict upon the innocent.

Once human embryos and fetuses have been murdered, only their helpless, innocent, undeveloped bodies die. But their souls live forever. The very eternal existence of their souls will enable them to testify before God against their murderers on the day of God's righteous judgment. And God does not take lightly the murder of the innocent.



In every human society, death should only be inflicted upon a person by the government, as a result of that person having performed any of the crimes which God says make a person worthy of death. When death is swiftly inflicted for such crimes, it is always true justice and should never be regarded as murder or injustice.

In no case whatsoever should death be inflicted upon the innocent. In such a sad case, it is always cruel injustice, and should always be regarded as murder, even when the death is made "legal" or inflicted by the government.

One very solemn fact which should never be forgotten is: in every case in which it is considered justifiable for a female to have an abortion, the human embryo or fetuse she carries in her womb is always totally innocent. The embryo or fetus has never had the chance to perform a crime worthy of death. Nor is it possible for it to do so while yet in the womb.

Therefore, if a female becomes pregnant as a result of rape, the fetus is nevertheless absolutely innocent. There is therefore no true justifiable reason whatsoever to consider putting it to death, or murdering it through an abortion. Since the fetus is absolutely innocent, he or she has the God-given right to live, and should live. The one that should be put to death is the one who committed the crime - the rapist. Why put the innocent fetus to death and spare the true criminal?

If a female becomes pregnant as a result of the crime of incest, the fetus is again, absolutely innocent. And there is no justifiable reason in this case to put the fetus to death. The fetus did not commit the crime; nor did it contribute to it. It should therefore live. The ones who committed incest are the ones who should bear the punishment of death. The male should bear it immediately and the female should bear it after the baby is born. Why murder the innocent fetus and let those who committed the crime of incest go free?

In the case wherein the female's life is thought to be threatened by the pregnancy or by the birth of the baby, the fetus is absolutely innocent. But the female has, during the course of her life, probably practiced some type of crime that makes her worthy of death. If she has not done so in deed, she has in thought. She has most definitely practiced many types of lesser sins or crimes. But the fetus has not.

Therefore, the scales of true justice are already tilted more in favor of the innocent embryo or fetus - no wrath from true justice hangs over them. It is more appropriate that the life of the person who has not practiced sin be spared before the person who has. And it is always better to give up a life that is not a totally innocent one than to take an innocent one.

Furthermore, it is not even sure that the pregnant female will actually die if she goes the full course of her pregnancy. Even though doctors are considered to be experts, not one of them has been or will ever be an expert in predicting a person's actual day of death. Its known for sure a death will occur if an abortion is had - the baby will definitely die; but it is not sure a death will occur if the mother goes through with the birth.

But even if the female does die, she will not have died with the blood of her baby on her hands. She will not have to give an account to God for having had her baby murdered. Therefore, even if death is sure to come, it is better to let the absolutely innocent one live.

There is absolutely no reason for any female to have an abortion. She who does so becomes guilty in God's sight of murdering an absolutely innocent human being. And God wrath burns very hotly against anyone who murders the innocent.

What if someone wanted to take your life for any one of the foolish reasons people take the lives of innocent fetuses? Would it be true justice?

The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), not the wages of innocence.


Innocence has become criminality and criminality has become innocence

It is during humans' embryonic and fetus stages of development and thereafter as infants and toddlers that humans are the most innocent according to all sane corporal law. As humans grow and mature, they gradually become morally responsible in the eyes of righteous law and should be held accountable for their deeds.

The utter insanity and high injustice of abortion is revealed in the fact that it is during the two most innocent and weakest stages of human life when humans cannot rightly be held responsible that atheists and other heathens of the world are willing and have made laws to allow humans to be put to death. On the other hand, they are not willing to put humans to death during their most responsible years after they have become high criminals and are no longer innocent as a result of having committed the most heinous death worthy crimes. They seek to preserve the lives of criminals even when the criminals beg for death. Innocence has become criminality and criminality has become innocence in the eyes of heathen america.

Because humans are incapable of committing any crime during their embryonic and fetal stages of development, any law made to take away their lives or allow the taking of their lives is cruel injustice. Humans rightly merit death only insofar as they lose their innocence by committing death worthy crimes. There is no other sane or truly justifiable reason for any government to make laws that allow or dictate the taking of the lives of human beings. As long as humans are innocent and have not committed death worthy crimes in the eyes of God, sane law dictate that they should live and their lives should be protected by government and sane citizenry. If they commit death worthy crimes, having become responsible for their deeds in the eyes of God, sane law dictate that government should take their lives.

What heathen america is doing is putting to death innocent human fetuses and embryos who are not capable of committing the least crime while it is sparing, feeding and protecting high criminals who have committed the most heinous death worthy crimes humans are capable of committing. And in many cases, it doesn't matter how many death worthy crimes they have committed. America is rewarding its high criminals while punishing the most innocent of its citizens.

Sane law does not dictate the putting to death of humans if they are conceived as a result of rape, incest, adultery or mistake. Human embryos and fetuses cannot commit those crimes. Just law does not dictate death if human embryos or fetuses are ill or deformed in any way. Illnesses and deformities are not crimes in the eyes of true justice. Nor does just law dictate death based on unsure predictions or doctors' predictions that certain mothers will die if they have their babies.

The only basis that sane and righteous law condemn humans to death or allow the taking of the lives of humans is on the basis that they have committed death worthy crimes. Therefore induced abortion for any reason is murder of the most corporeally innocent human beings on the face of the earth. And sane law dictates that all who are responsible for abortion legislation and who have had a hand in abortion in any way are guilty of murder and should have their lives taken by the hands of government.


Does your wife want an abortion?

Imagine for a moment your wife or daughter got pregnant and for some foolish reason she decided she wanted to have an abortion. Here are some things you should do:

1. Be sensibly opposed to the abortion for any reason. Realize that the abortion would be murder of an innocent and helpless human being.

2. Deliberately discuss the matter with all your male relatives and your wife's or daughter's male relatives whom she has close contact with. You may discover to your horror that there is a male relative who is quite in favor of your wife or daughter having the abortion. If this is so, this could be a legitimate cause to be suspicious. The fact that your son or another male relative is in favor of the abortion could suggest that your wife or daughter has conceived as a result of incest.

3. Be particularly suspicious of incest or adultery if it is your wife who wants the abortion, for if she conceives from her own husband, why isn't she willing to give birth to the baby?

4. Discuss with your wife or daughter the reason she wants to have her baby murdered. Every reason she gives will have no merit whatsoever. Don't be swayed by the argument that the birth may jeapodize her life. Remember. some doctors are paid handsomely to present this empty argument to opposing relatives.

5. Do every legitimate thing you can to prevent the abortion. Never allow your sentiments against abortion to be changed by any type of argument whatsoever. Disassociate yourself from anyone in favor of the abortion.

6. If your daughter has the abortion anyway, from that time onward, she should be regarded as a murderer who has herself lost all right to life and who no longer has a place in your life. Disassociate yourself from her.

7. If your wife has the abortion anyway, from that time onward, she should be regarded as a murderer who has herself lost all right to life and who no longer has a place in your life. Disassociate yourself from her and get a divorce.


Why human embryos and fetuses are murdered

GOOD MORNING CLASS: You will hear the deceptive claims from atheists that they cannot accept anything as being true except on the basis of conclusive evidence and facts. However, evidence and proof of certain truths is not what atheism is truly about. Its about deliberately discounting certain evidence in the face of overwhelming evidence in regard to certain issues.

For example: atheists conveniently discount the overwhelming proof that human embryos and fetuses are really human. But the reasons they do so is not because there is no real proof or evidence of their humanity. The overwhelming proof is there. They are human because they proceed from humans and because they receive souls and are alive at the earliest of conception.

Forensic science would not declassify human bones of aborted human embryos and fetuses as being non human bones if they are found somewhere in an archaeological dig. The bones would be recognized as human bones. The very classification of the bones as being human bones establishes the fact that the aborted embryos and fetuses were those of humans. The bones cannot be human bones while the embryos and fetuses in their live state in the wombs are non human.

The reason atheists classify them as non human is it makes it convenient to murder them when atheists conceive as a result of incest, adultery, mistake, when the child is thought to be an economic liability or when atheists can make wealth murdering them. Its a convenient way of trying to rid themselves of terrible crimes they would have to live with for many years. For a mother to stare her child in the face the rest of her life which she conceived by her son, father, uncle or grandfather is inconceivable to the guilty conscience of the mother and the one she committed incest with. Thus the foolish positions atheists and non believers take are often as a result of the terrible crimes they commit in secret. Democracy makes people do that.

In order to make it deceptively easy to murder human embryos and fetuses, atheists who are regarded as experts in science and medicine have been used by special interest groups to present the deceptive claim that human embryos and fetuses are not human so that laws in favor of murdering them can be made and maintained. As long as the embryos and fetuses are rightly regarded as being human at the earliest of conception, the constitution and the UN Declaration of so-called human rights would not allow their murder. Therefore they must be legally declared non humans to allow such.

If atheists sincerely don't understand that human embryos and fetuses are human, then they have to be exceedingly dumb. Atheism demonstrates the power of satan to deceive and the high propensity of human depraved nature to fall to such deception in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.




"I am curious about one of the examples in your justice section. Concerning the matter of incest, who exactly is to be put to death? From the passage it seems both parties must be executed; does this hold true in the case of molestation? For example, if a father FORCES himself upon the daughter, is she also to be killed? I am a bit confused at this, as it seem she has not commit incest, but rather has been the victim of rape. I assure this is not a heathen email; I simply wish clarification on that particular case. While the passages of Leviticus 20:11-12 help explain the situation, I wish further explanation on what the law requires. This is not a mocking email, simply a genuine question. Thank you for your time."


No, the daughter should not be put to death. Only the father. If the father forces himself upon his daughter, but the daughter is not in favor of the evil act but detests it and does not participate but screams and cries out loud, she is not a participant but a victim and therefore she should be spared. But no mercy whatsoever should be had for her father by the government even if he were president. God only holds the offender guilty not the victim. If such an awful act should take place, the girl should thereafter detest her father and should do all she can to have him properly punished with death by the government.

However, if the girl tries to protect her father and keeps the evil act of her father secret by refusing to report the crime to law enforcement officials, to her mother, other relatives and etc, she becomes guilty. She should first report the crime to her teacher and law enforcement officials because there may be relatives who will seek to convince her to remain quiet. If her father is a high official - a sheriff, mayor, governor or a federal official such as a judge, president or legislator, it is likely that government officials will also try to cover the crime and get the daughter to be quiet. In this case she should try to inform someone whom she knows will not try to cover the crime and keep her quiet. So she should inform a genuine Christian. In some cases, as low down as the news media is, it may help.

But if her father is rich or is a government official of some type and she rightly insists on not remaining quiet, she is likely to be accused of making up a lie against her father. But she should not give up. If anyone is in a situation of this kind, and if they desire to do so, they can inform me about it, and I guarantee that I will not seek to protect and keep quiet the crimes of any rich person or government official, regardless of who he or she may be.

Also, its possible for the girl to get pregnant from her father having raped her. In this case, the incentive will be much stronger towards remaining quiet and for others to try to convince the girl to remain quiet. And alas, the matter of abortion will immediately surface its ugly head. However, regardless of what anyone says, the girl should not have an abortion. She will have strong temptations to do so and others will try to force her to do so, but just as she did not participate in the rape but was against her father raping her and she became the victim, she should also strongly resist having an abortion. Otherwise, she becomes guilty of murder of an innocent human being and victimizes her baby just as her father victimized her. If she has an abortion, she may as well have participated in the act of incest with her father. Regardless of what anyone says, she should not have the abortion!!

If it is insisted that the girl have an abortion, she should consider the following facts: Who are the ones who actually committed a crime, and who are the ones who are innocent in this case? Since her father is the guilty one and the girl and the innocent human embryo or fetus she has conceived by her father is even more innocent, if anyone should die, it should be the guilty one. If the girl should be spared because she is innocent, much more should the innocent baby be spared since he/she is even more an innocent and helpless victim. Death should only be imposed upon a person as the wages of sin or high crime, not as the wages of innocence and victimization. If the innocent girl has her baby murdered through abortion, she is no longer innocent, but has become guilty of murdering an innocent and helpless human being. As a result of the abortion, the girl becomes worthy of death just as her father who raped her. This type murder is a greater crime than the act of rape which her father committed against her.



Why do the Jews who perceive the Holocaust as the greatest tragedy in history and who continue to actively seek world condemnation, punishment and death for people who participated in the Holocaust absolutely refuse to cry out against the United States for the legalization of the murder of innocent human embryos and fetuses through abortion? The deaths the Nazi Regime caused have ceased, while America continues to murder over a million human embryos and fetuses a year. America is also the foremost nation seeking to cause other nations to embrace abortion.

Why do the Jews see Hitler as the greater monster when the Nazi regime did what it did in time of war, while America's murders far exceed the Nazi in numbers and heinousness in time of peace?

All of the murdered human embryos and fetuses are far more innocent than any one of the adult Jews who were put to death by Hitler. In fact, many of those Jews were high criminals. Why do the Jews not vent any anger towards and seek the punishment or death of legislators, leaders, heathen special interest groups and etc who have been instrumental in having abortion legalized? Why do they not seek the punishment of abortion doctors and others who have and are participating in a Holocaust more heinous than that which took place by the hands of the Germans? Is it because many who are murdering innocent human embryos and fetuses are Jews?



This article is intended for people who label themselves "evangelicals" or "Christians" -- "the religious right," or better, the religious wrong, who say they are against abortion but believe that there are cases which give females justifiable reasons to have abortions.

The fact is, other than those abnormal conceptions such as ectopic pregnancies or congenital disorders of human embryos which make them unmistakably mortally doomed wherein nothing humanly possible can be done to keep them alive or insure their births, there are no cases that can occur in any realm of the female's experience that can give any female a truly justifiable reason to have a deliberately-induced abortion. This is true because every case in which people erroneously think there is justifiable reason, the embryo or fetus is always innocent in the sight of God. One must never allow his or her view of abortion to be shaped by any political persuasion or manmade or demonic philosophy, religion, national charter, selfishness, or form of deception. It must always be shaped only by the justice and righteousness of the true God. One thing that should make that quite apparent is the fact that human embryos and fetuses are true human beings. Therefore, from the moment they are conceived, their lives are subject to God's laws that determine whether or not they have the right to life. God is the Maker of humans (Psalms 139:13). He has given them the right to life by virtue of His causing them to be conceived. Conceptions cannot be had apart from God causing them. Once humans are conceived, their lives fall under the jurisdiction of His laws only. No other laws nor court decisions or principles have jurisdiction over them, and no other principles should ever be considered. God's laws are the only principles by which the rights of human embryos and fetuses can be properly understood.

Whenever there is a case wherein a female is contemplating or is counseled to have an abortion, she should reject such contemplations and counsel and face the fact that the embryo or fetus which she has conceived is truly a divinely created human being subject to God's laws in terms of its right to life. Then she should ask herself what has her baby personally done that makes him or her worthy of death in the sight of God. She should accept the answer to that question despite the conditions under which her baby was conceived. If there is consideration of having an abortion, a just and rightful reason must be present that shows that the baby has in some way personally performed, in violation of the laws of God, a certain act which rightly annuls his or her right to life. The words "innocent until proven guilty" do not apply more aptly in any case than in the lives of human embryos and fetuses when there are considerations to have them aborted. God's justice and righteousness state that the wages of sin is death (Romans 3:23). In a corporeal sense, that means that in God's sight, there is never a justifiable reason for any person or human institution to take away a human's right to life at any stage of his development or existence by any means except in a case wherein the person has personally committed a crime that makes him worthy of death. Death should never be the wages of innocence and helplessness. Since it is impossible for human embryos and fetuses to commit death-worthy crimes, God has made them to be innocent by every corporeal standard of justice and righteousness which He has made for humans to obey. That fact should never be suppressed. To cause them to be deliberately aborted for any reason in their most innocent and helpless states is high murder and high injustice in God's sight.

Regardless of the non-mortally doomed cases anyone wants to use to justify deliberately induced abortions, these abortions are never sanctioned by God, and no true justification can be found for them in the Bible. You will not find a single instance -- specific or implied in Scripture -- wherein God says rape, incest, or the supposed threat to the mothers' lives, etc., are justifiable reasons for abortion. But you will find the contrary. For example, if human embryos or fetuses were conceived as a result of incest, nowhere in the Holy Scriptures will you find anything that implies or specifically states that human embryos or fetuses have personally committed crimes and should lose their right to life as a result. However, it is specifically stated that the ones who committed the act of incest are the ones who have committed death-worthy crimes; and it is they who should be put to death (The male should be put to death immediately and the female should be put to death after she gives birth to the baby; Leviticus 20:11-12, 14, 17, 19-21).

The same is true of embryos and fetuses who are conceived as a result of rape. Even though they were conceived by a terrible crime, they have not personally committed any type of crime. Their conception by rape does not nullify their right to life since they did not personally commit a crime. Even though a child has been conceived by sin (as most are), yet it is God who has given him or her existence; for no conception can be had except God causes it. There is no true corporeal guilt in the person who is conceived by rape, no more than there is guilt in the person who is the victim of rape. The baby conceived and the female raped are both victims. The rapist is the one who has committed a death-worthy crime, and it is the rapist who should be put to death (Deuteronomy 22:23-27). What true justice and righteousness is served by insisting on the death of the innocent baby and not insisting on the death of the criminal rapist?

The high hypocrisy of evangelicals is clearly seen at this point. They never call for the death of the rapist or those who commit incest. Further hypocrisy is seen in that many of them are against the death penalty even while they call for the death of innocent human embryos and fetuses. Thus, in essence, they protect the death-worthy criminals while they condemn the innocent to death.

If the situation is a case wherein a doctor states that a baby is a threat to the mother's life because the mother has heart disorders, diabetes, rhesus incompatibility, etc., yet even such a case does not qualify as a justifiable reason to have an abortion. It must be understood that the doctor's prediction is just a prediction. The death of the mother may not actually take place if she gives birth. The best doctors make erroneous predictions all the time. But what is absolutely sure is that the baby will definitely die if there is an abortion. So in essence, the doctor is using an unsure prediction of the death of the mother to bring about the sure death of the baby. But even if it is known for sure that the mother will die, it is better and more noble for her to give up her life to save the life of her innocent baby than to murder or have her baby murdered in effort to save her own sinful life (Genesis 35:16-18). On the scale of justice, the baby is more corporeally innocent than the mother, and by virtue of that innocence, has more of a right to life than the mother. People sacrifice their lives all the time to save others who are sinful, and they are regarded as heroes. So why do they make decisions against or counsel against making the greater sacrifice to save the lives of innocent and helpless human embryos and fetuses? Females who sacrifice their lives to save the lives of their innocent babies are true heroes. Again, the high hypocrisy of evangelicals is revealed at this point, for they claim to believe in Christ who came to earth to give up His life for hell-bound sinners. But they do not see it fit for the mother to give up her life for her corporeally innocent baby.

Thus far, I have contemplated the innocence or noncriminal status of human embryos and fetuses as it pertains to their personal corporeal state in this world under the just and righteous laws of God. Human embryos and fetuses are the most innocent people on earth because of their mental and physical inabilities to commit any type of crimes by violating God's laws. But not all human embryos and fetuses are equally innocent. Some have a higher innocence than others. In order to understand this fact, one must have a true understanding of and appreciation for what it really means to be a recipient of the grace of God. What sets some human embryos and fetuses apart from others as being more innocent is the fact that some are God's elect who receive God's grace while they are yet in their mother's wombs. In other words, they have a spiritual and judicial innocence beyond their corporeal innocence by means of their union with the Ultimate Innocent One, namely, the Lord Jesus Christ, and are blessed from the womb (Luke 1:42). Notice in Luke 1:15 what is stated about the conception of John the Baptist. In that verse, God tells us that John received God's Holy Spirit while he was yet in the embryonic or fetus state of human development. This is proof that human embryos are human, and it means that John the Baptist became a Christian while he was yet in his mother's womb. People who profess to be Christians and believe that there are cases that give females justification to have abortions should come to realize the true murderous and satanic implications of their position on abortion. They are guilty of being in favor of or murdering the most innocent humans on earth -- God's elect who have gotten born again while yet in their mothers' wombs. Hence, the "evangelical," "protestant," "religious right," or "conservative" positions on abortion are just as murderous and satanic as the "liberal" positions. Their endeavor to justify abortion for fewer cases than the liberals does not nullify the Satanism of those ways. But the point here is their hypocrisy makes them guilty of murdering true Christians in their most innocent and helpless states. And even more hypocrisy is seen in the fact that they think unbelievers should have the right to have abortions for rape, incest and etc., and thus they in essence put their approval upon heathens who are murdering God's elect in their most innocent and helpless states.

The passage about John the Baptist's regeneration in the womb of his mother clearly reveals the high hypocrisy and murderousness of the positions the so-called evangelicals or the religious right embrace on abortion. It reveals that they care nothing about the true innocence of human embryos and fetuses in their most vulnerable and helpless state. Nor do they care about any of God's true people who receive God's grace in their mothers' wombs. Their positions on abortion are no better than the liberals', which they condemn. As God has stated of the unbeliever, so He states the same about them: "They will not even have compassion on the fruit of the womb, nor will they pity children (Isaiah 13:18)." As long as they are for abortion for any reason, they are just as much hell-bound murderers as the liberals they condemn (Romans 2:1). They insist on putting the innocent to death rather than the guilty, even when the innocent may be God's true people. And which of them have you ever heard clamor for the death of a rapist or those who commit incest, whether or not children are conceived by such crimes? Rather, it's always for the death of the babies that are conceived as a result of the various sexual crimes.

Their hypocrisy is further seen in their support for America's unjust war in Iraq. America has murdered many innocent people in there. No doubt, some of them may have been women who had children in their wombs, and some of those children may have been God's born-again elect.

-- To be continued --



Copyright 2004-11 by: Robert T. Lee